Silk Tropical Flower Arrangements

Silk Tropical Flower Arrangements

Silk tropical flower arrangements have a big range of uses such as putting together a tropical garden in your yard, a wedding at a beach, or an event in summer. They have a fun feel that is fun for all events.

Now some ideas for a tropical wedding. The idea of a tropical wedding theme is pretty popular at the moment and lots of ways it can be done. Following are some ideas for you.

For something stunning, put together a bouquet with lily sprays of red Gloriosa (say three) with tropical foliage.

One of our favorites are sprays of frangipani on a table of fresh pineapples. Add some seashells, and you will have a sea and tropics look.

Your wedding cake can have that tropical feel with silk flowers as well. Appropriate faux flowers on the top and how about cylinder vases filled with sand with flowers blooming from them.

Using silk tropical flower arrangements, you can also mix in with tropical fruits, succulent plants and even silk flowers that are not tropical.

You can use some low glass bowls as a centerpiece and float small silk flowers in them. You get them to float by putting them through a piece of burlap and then into bubble wrap to ensure flotation.

Naturally you can use these tropical plants for events other than weddings such as pool parties. You will find Silk Flower Leis for that extra accent, use tropical stems on your outdoor torches, flower headbands for your female guests. Anyway these are just a few ideas which hopefully will spark lots more!