Petals – Peony & Ranunculus Silk Flower Arrangement

Artificial Ranunculus Flowers

Artificial Ranunculus Flowers

It can be a daunting task should you be looking to redecorate a whole house but how about doing one room to start with using artificial Ranunculus flowers? Doing one area at a time makes the job not so scary – especially as using silk flowers like faux Ranunculus is easy and will not break the bank.

artificial ranunculus flowers

Faux flowers can pull together all the rooms elements like bedside tables, coffee tables and nicer and easily creating a charming and satisfying room. The elements will be eye-catching with the words elegance and energy come to mind.

With quality materials comes amazing realism and durability. Naturally, no watering needed, no watermarks on the table, and can be used again season after season. So if you want to add some theater and style to pretty well any area these faux ranunculus flowers will meet your needs.

Should you decide to use a tall glass vase for an artificial flower arrangement a tip is to use acrylic water – the idea is the faux flowers look as if they are in actual water and so look even more realistic. One note that when you have done this undoing is not really an option.

So what do you need – obviously the silk flowers, the acrylic water, perhaps some greenery and a container to do some mixing in. Expect the acrylic to be in two parts. First, you work out what you want the arrangement to look like in the glass vase. As a rule of thumb go for one dozen to two dozen faux flowers. Take them from the vase and put down somewhere that it will be easy to pick them up again in that arrangement.

The acrylic water needs to be mixed in the container and from the container pour the mixed solution into the vase. Now it is time to put the stems into the vase – wiping the stems to make sure no dirt has been accumulated. The mixture should grip the stems. Check with the instructions, but normally you will need twenty-four hours for the acrylic water to be completely solid.

After set, you can get the flowers into the exact position you want. Note if you want the water to be a color, you could add a die when you mix the ingredients. You could also use something like marbles in the mix to give another look. If you are not confident with all this how about doing a small experiment with a little of the ingredients and say one flower.

With artificial Ranunculus flowers we are sure you will enjoy them.