Silk Sunflowers

Silk Sunflowers

Silk sunflowers have large number of uses ranging from at weddings to a centerpiece in your home or even a casket spray.

Should you have a boring area of you home, they will be an ideal variety to brighten up that area. You will find the charming and elegant whether on a shelf or a table.

I bought some beautiful fall silk flowers and I put them in a vase and I just can’t get them to look right. Ideally, the tallest flowers should be two to three times as tall as the vase you’re using. That will depend on the size of the vase. The larger the vase, the taller the flowers should stand. Otherwise, you’re going to draw attention to the vase rather than the flowers.

Arranging silk flowers is much like arranging fresh ones. You should start with some short greenery around the top of the vase to hold taller flowers in place as you add them. That way you get an idea of where you think the taller flowers would look best in the vase. When you start from the bottom and work your way up the idea of how you what the flowers and the vase to look will be there before you know it.

I’m not sure which look you’re going for – loose and airy, or rich and dense. If you’re going for loose and airy, it’s best to use flowers at odds. I start around the base of the vase, using an odd amount of the same flower in even spaces. Then the next layer toward the middle will be a bit taller, and the same flowers will fall sort in between the first layer.

Reduce the number of flowers you use each layer until the arrangement is pleasingly rounded on top. Then fill in with accent flowers. With this type of fall arrangement, I always recommend using some wheat, cat-o-nine tails, or some curly willow tips, my favorite, to trail off from the top of the arrangement.

If you’re looking for rich and dense, then I recommend grouping in similar colors and textures. When colors are grouped, it has a much larger visual impact than if they are peppered throughout the arrangement. So grouping is perfect for making a bold statement. I’d also use larger flowers for this, such as clusters of hydrangea, sunflowers, large mums, and roses. With this type of arrangement, you’ll stay away from too many fillers. They’ll just cause a messy appearance.

When I’m using large flowers like these, I make a basic circle around the bottom beginning the color-grouping, then put a tall flower in the middle. And then I fill in between with groupings of flowers. Depending on your personal preference, you can make the groups very defined, or you can sort of fade from one color group to the next by mixing a couple of flowers with the neighboring color.

Whichever type of arrangement you choose, try to use various heights and depths. The general idea is that the center flowers should be the tallest, the outermost flowers should be the shortest. This is a good rule to make the basic frame of your arrangement by. However, if you follow this to the T, you’re going to end up with a blah arrangement that isn’t very interesting to the eye.

So once you have your foundation flowers in place, make sure to stick a few flowers a little deeper than the ones surrounding it, and a few just slightly raised from the rest. This will keep the viewer’s eye moving and really draw them into the arrangement.

They will be able to see all the colors of the flowers that you put in the vase and be able to admire the way that you put them together. Just make sure that when you put the flowers into the vase that not all of the flowers that have the same color are next to each other. Use different kinds of colors next to one another that way you will be able to see other colors bring out other colors.

So try to avoid that kind of thing. You can use the same color next to the same color as long as one of the colors is either darker and lighter than the other one. So it won’t throw off the look of your arrangement.

Thought about Silk Wreaths on Home Decor

Filling a bleak or dull space with another wreath may seem like an excellent idea however, fresh wreaths can become quite expensive to keep replacing. There is an alternative to using fresh wreaths in decorating your home, one that will allow you to have wreaths year-round at a reasonable cost. Consider using a silk floral wreath instead of fresh wreaths in your home decorating.

Years ago having any kind of artificial floral arrangement in the home seemed somewhat tacky. That is because the first, artificial flowers and plants were often made of cheap plastic and looked as cheap as they actually were. However, with new technology and methods of making artificial flowers and plants, these floral arrangements often look and even feel stunningly real. Silk floral wreaths can and do look like fresh wreaths bought from your local garden center only they have far more benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when decorating with silk wreaths.

• These wreaths are long-lasting. Unlike fresh wreaths that despite the most careful care only last a week or two at most, these wreaths can last for years and only need periodic cleaning to keep them looking fresh and bright.

• Silk wreaths are also less expensive than fresh wreaths in the long run. Due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about replacing your wreath with a new one every few days you can save money on your decorating costs. A well-cared-for wreath can last you years which means they cost only pennies compared to using and replacing those fresh wreaths.

• You can actually have a wider choice when choosing a silk wreath over a fresh wreath. Since you don’t have to worry about freshness with these wreaths you can purchase them from anywhere in the world Online giving you a wider choice in the designs, flowers, and even size than those fresh wreaths you need to buy locally. This means you can have the exact color that matches that living room furniture or the kitchen curtains depicting golden sunflowers.

• With silk floral wreaths you also don’t have to stick with just those flowers that are in season, but, choose from a host of flowers including more exotic ones that better match your décor. If you do want to stick with seasonal wreaths that isn’t a problem either as you can store that spring or summer wreath and use it again next summer without having to purchase a new summer wreath.

• Silk wreaths always look fresh. You don’t have to worry about your flowers wilting or the leaves turning brown as they stay just the way you purchased them for months upon months if not years. While silk floral leaves will fade over time, they certainly don’t fade quickly and they never wilt so you can enjoy a particularly lovely wreath for much longer periods of time.

Choosing a beautiful realistic silk floral wreath from Silky Flower Store will allow you to decorate your home with wreaths all year round at a price that will fit your budget.