Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk wedding flowers online – will make your wedding less stressful, not having to worrying about wilting flower on the special day! We supply pre-made artificial wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, beautiful, elegant and long-lasting. Also, we provide silk wedding corsages, silk flower heads and silk wedding petals for you to choose from.

Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Usually for the bride – a large range of beautiful bouquet in lots of shapes and colors.

Silk Wedding Corsage

A bouquet that is small and worn on the wrist or on the dress at weddings – but also for events such as Proms.

Silk Flower Heads

Can be used as accessories for the bride – lots of calla lilies carnations roses and of course roses.

Silk Wedding Bouquets – Artificial Wedding Flowers

Silk wedding bouquets are traditionally held by the Bride, then it is given to the maid of honor to hold until after the ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride throws it over her shoulder, and the legend is that the person who catches the silk wedding flowers will be the next to wed.

You will find here a large range of elegant, beautiful bridal wedding bouquets that will match all wedding styles (and dresses!). They come in all sorts of styles, colors and shapes. You can find cascading bouquets, pomander bouquets, nosegays, Biedermeier and more. Colors from white to rainbow!

We are sure you will find what you are looking at here – a tip, buy the dress before the bouquet – much easier to match the bouquet to the dress! Try our inexpensive, no allergen and hassle-free artificial bouquets.

When looking at wedding bouquets, you could also look at silk wedding corsages, Silk Wedding Petals and silk flower heads on this site.

We have an amazing collection of wedding flowers, neatly sorted as artificial flower heads, artificial flower petals and artificial wedding bouquets, but do not forget flowers for cemeteries.

No matter how big or small a wedding is, how elaborate or subtle the arrangements are and how accommodating the venue is, we have a plethora of wedding flowers and arrangements for all and sundry.

You could deck up every nook and corner of the venue uniquely, you can have a flowery altar, sprinkle the aisles with petals, set up bouquets at the tables and really transcend ordinary imagination to bring in complementing hues enhancing the ambiance at the wedding.

Silk flower weddings – Here are some suggestions for selecting the perfect flowers that will color and enrich your wedding – the best day of your life.

What kind of silk flowers arrangements should you choose for the most beautiful and exciting day of your life? Do you want a classic, colorful, spicy or exotic flower?

Before you visit our Silk Wedding Bouquets pages and choose flowers for arrangements, read more about some of the most popular flowers and their characteristics.

Silk Roses

Silk Roses were long considered as a symbol of love, and they were the central figure of many stories. Poets used this flower for centuries to describe pure love and beauty. The associated many beautiful women with this flower.

Silk Tulips

Although they are mostly present in the Netherlands, the flower actually comes from Persia. Symbolizing “eternal love”, tulips can be an excellent choice for weddings. The flowers grow in different colors, mostly soft ones, as well as strong shades. They are available throughout the year, but people still prefer using silk tulip flowers. They are easy to maintain, depending on the material they were made from. Tulips are available in different varieties and some of them that are most commonly used are – Dutch tulips (which can usually be seen in flower shops), French tulips and striped tulips available in deep colors.

Silk Lilies

These beautiful flowers have another interesting name. They are also known as “stairs to heaven”. These incredible flowers are also very affordable, especially when they are in say artificial calla lilies form.

Silk Hydrangea Arrangements

With their lush petals and intense colors, these flowers were very popular since ancient times and now in say a silk hydrangea bouquet. These bush flowers can fit almost everywhere because their colors are soft and classy. What is fascinating is that only a few of them can make a very charming wedding bouquet. If you want to keep it classy, use just a few hydrangeas and make your own wedding bouquet.

Silk Peony

The peony is a flower that also comes in different bright colors. The flower can be used for creating beautiful central arrangement and smaller Silk Peony Bouquet  for tables. You can also combine them with other flowers, but it is recommended not to exaggerate. There is something beautiful in every silk flower. Be sure to choose the ones that you like the most. Check out our cemetery flowers.

In our weddings blog, you shall get to explore the myriad of flowers you can use for your special day. From the bridal bouquet to the floral decoration, the combination of natural and artificial flowers to amazing silk flowers, you would get a treasure trove of information and tips to create a mesmerizing setting. Regardless of when you are getting married, where and how much you want to spend on flowers, our silk flower weddings blog has the most appropriate recommendation for every type of wedding, cutting across cultures and customs. Explore our weddings blog and discover an enticing world of silk flowers, bouquets and wedding arrangements.