Silk Wedding Petals

If you are looking for that extra special touch for your wedding, well silk wedding petals are just the thing. You can use to enhance the decor of all parts of your wedding celebration. In their many colors they bring a lovely soft touch of roses.

They have lots of uses all the way through your special day. As they are silk (artificial) they will almost certainly be less expensive than dried flowers and won’t change the color of your clothes nor your fingers – what a great way to enhance the celebration.

Naturally you will also not have to worry about any color changes nor wilting. One of the main uses to throw on the aisle for the bride and groom to walk over. This is usually done by an usher (usually before the ceremony) or a flower girl (during the procession). Note our cemetery flower arrangements.

They can also be used on the reception tables as part of their decorations. Some other thoughts for their uses – how about include a few in the invitations? Naturally at the exit after the wedding, no rice or birdseed (suggestion, find a volunteer to do a cleanup afterwards).

Assuming you have a cake, you can also have some petals on that table. They can look elegant on the cake top. In summary, you can use silk wedding petals throughout the wedding – adding a wonderful look and touch.