Floral Swags

So lets start off with what is the difference between a Silk Floral Swag and Artificial Garlands. Well first they are quite similar – but a swag has tapered ends and is thicker in the middle. A garland has a similar width all away along.

Swags can also different shapes and can be used for many things like draping over a mirror, a mantle piece or a fireplace. With those uses they can add a real Christmas feel – you can also use a teardrop faux flower swag which are shorter and hung vertically. They tend to be wide at the top and get smaller as they go down. See our artificial Christmas flowers for graves.

We have lots of different types of swags, some that can be hung over a chair at a wedding (or even for aisle decor) or over say a picture frame. They also come in a myriad of types of flowers – from roses to peonies.

You will have no hassles with watering nor cleaning up petals – and of course can be used year after year.