Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk wedding bouquets – When it comes to wedding bouquets, it’s a tough decision as far as coming up with a specific kind of bouquet to generate and disseminate. All too often, people go out of their way to create bouquets that will result in positive reactions in the people. This is something that often causes a lot of anxiety, and if you’re someone that has no idea how to deal with it, you’re going to be in for a rough ride. This is something that happens in people that are unprepared for the ceremony, and the result is that they do not have the proper decorations. So rather than waiting for someone to do it for you, take the initiative. You can easily go to any florist and tell them your ideas as far as the wedding theme is concerned. If you want more of a classic black and white scheme bridal bouquets scheme, they might suggest a specific flower that will not only look good as the template, but also silk wedding bouquets will look good as the bouquet of choice.

Types Of Wedding Bouquets

Traditional wedding bouquets date back from ancient times when women wore wreaths of wild flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants representing a symbol of fertility. Wedding bouquets can be made from different types of flowers, and you can choose a bouquet designed with silk rose flowers, decorations such as crystals, pearls, paper, decorative details and materials.
Wedding bouquets are an essential detail of every wedding ceremony, and to choose the perfect one it is necessary to consider the details and the color before making a final decision.

A wedding bouquet should reflect the character of the newly – weds, but it should also be an expression of their style. It needs to be combined with the rest of the elements as not to be totally unnoticeable. If you prefer to have a simple and perfect decoration, try to choose flowers that go well with the overall decoration you have chosen for your wedding.

The choice of flowers depends mainly on the person, their taste and their styling.
There are different types of wedding bouquets such as:

Artificial Circle bouquet

This is a traditional wedding bouquet and the most popular among brides because it is circular in shape and with smaller dimensions. It can consist of different flowers, usually artificial rose flowers, lilies, calla, chrysanthemum, peony, sunflowers… It has a very simple construction with a convenient, classic and elegant style.

Artificial Round bouquet

This wedding bouquet is similar to the preceding, but differs in that it doesn’t have a ball shaped structure. It usually consists of one type of flower, or can be made with a combination of flowers and plants. This bouquet is richer and more expensive and with a slightly larger volume and weight compared to other bouquets. It is very stylish and modern.

Silk Classic bouquet

This bouquet is very simple and casual. Its construction has a strict form. It can consist of different and colorful flowers, usually bright and conspicuous flowers. It is popular among non-traditional brides, who want something more relaxed. It is very modern and exotic.

Silk Composite bouquet

This type of bouquet is made from the petals of flowers that are attached to the wire and wrapped in a big flower. This is a very interesting and original bouquet, but requires a lot of time for its creation, so it is one of the more expensive ones.

Each wedding bouquet is unique and has its own beauty. Make the right choice.



  • Ling’s moment Artificial Flowers 50pcs Mint/Sea Foam Real Looking Artificial Roses for Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces Party Baby Shower Decorations DIY

    The roses are made of a soft high quality latex foam which gives them the look of fresh roses.
    Each rose head is aprrox. 2-3/4 inches, the stem is about 7 inches long.
    This is a pack of 50 individual roses.

    $30.99 $25.99 Add to cart
  • Ling’s moment Artificial Flowers Roses Real Looking Fake Roses w/Stem for DIY Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces Arrangements Party Home Halloween Decorations

    The roses are made of a soft high quality latex foam which gives them the look of fresh roses.
    Each rose head is aprrox. 2-3/4 inches, the stem is about 7 inches long.
    This is a pack of 50 individual roses.

    $16.99$26.99 Select options
  • Febou Wedding Bouquet Crystal Roses Bridesmaid Bouquet, Bridal Bouquet Artificial Flowers for Wedding, Party and Church

    BIGGER SIZE: This wedding bouquet is bigger than normal. Each wedding bouquet has 23 roses instead of 17 roses. The diameter(about 21cm/8.3inches) is also bigger than before(about 7inches). The height of this wedding bouquet is about 25cm/9.8inch.
    HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The wedding bouquet is made of PE(Poly Ethylene) foam flowers, Ribbon, Rhinestones. The materials are eco-friendly, please rest assured. The ribbon of this bridal bouquet is very soft and rhinestones are shiny.
    DELICATE DESIGN: The design of this wedding bouquet is modern and fashion. More roses make the wedding bouquet more beautiful and elegant. If you think that the bouquet of 17 roses is too small, you can buy this bigger size wedding bouquet(23 roses).

    $20.17$25.67 Select options
  • Vintage Map Paper Rose Bouquet Vintage Home Decor Artificial Flora Flowers Gift for Her Him Travel Themed Destination Wedding Paper Flower Bouquets Handmade (Bunch of 5-6)

    $39.99 Add to cart
  • Febou Artificial Flowers, Real Touch Artificial Foam Roses Decoration DIY for Wedding Bridesmaid Bridal Bouquets Centerpieces, Party Decoration, Home Office Decor

    HIGH QUALITY SECURE MATERIALS: This artificial flower is made of high quality soft latex foam. We use this material to make these artificial flowers according to the look of fresh rose to make them look vivid. Also the artificial roses are made of eco-friendly PE material, please rest assured.
    CONCISE AND AFFORDABLE: This artificial rose is more concise than other types. If you like simple style, this one is a good choice. It is also affordable. ATTENTION: the rose head and the stem of this concise type roses are separate. You can make your own flowers by sticking the two parts together.
    MULTI FUNCTIONAL TO DIY: The stems of these artificial flowers are easy to be bent. So you can use the artificial roses to design the bouquet as you want such as wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, home decoration bouquet, etc. SIZE: total height 23cm/9inch, stem height 18cm/7.1inch, head across 7cm/2.75inch. Please allow little difference in size due to manual measurement.

    $17.67$21.97 Select options
  • A Dozen”I Love You’s” – 12 paper flowers, custom gift, wedding, 1st anniversary, gifts for her,bouquet, origami, red rose, made to order

    $75.00 Add to cart
  • Jing-Rise Artificial Flowers 50PCS Real Looking Fake Roses Stem DIY Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces Party Baby Shower Home Decorations

    MATERIAL:The roses are made of a soft high quality foam which gives them the look of fresh roses.
    Size:Each rose head is aprrox. 2-3/4 inches, the stem is about 7 inches long.
    The stem is thin as you may see from the picture, which makes the roses are very easy to work it. It’s easily bent or cut down as you need. They are perfect for making bouquets, centerpieces, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers or any other flower decorations/arrangements that you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home.

    $18.99$23.88 Select options
  • YILIYAJIA Artificial Rose Bouquets with Ceramics Vase Fake Silk Rose Flowers Decoration for Table Home Office Wedding

    Package : Pack of 3 bouquets ,1 money leaves and 1 ceramics vase.
    Design : The branches of the bouquet are capable of adjusting the bending angle freely.
    Material : Flowers and leaves are made of silk. Wire wrapped with plastic is used for firmness and angle-adjustable in creating the stems.

    $19.99 Select options
  • Marry Acting Artificial Flower Rose, 30pcs Real Touch Artificial Roses for DIY Bouquets Wedding Party Baby Shower Home Decor

    ❤ Size: Rose head approx. 3-4 inches; the stem: approx 6-7 inches
    ❤ Made of latex foam,looks like real roses ,touches very soft
    ❤ Packaged in a nice box that also makes a good choice for a gift,30pcs individual roses/box

    $16.99$17.99 Select options
  • Scalloped Classic Book Page Roses on Stems, Paper Flowers Bouquet, One Dozen Paper Roses, 1.5″ Blooms, Bridal Shower Decoration, Party Decor, Set of 12, Wedding and Event Planning

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  • 10 PCS High Quaulity Fresh Artificial Mini Real Touch PU/ latex Corn Poppies Decorative artificial poppy flowers for Wedding holiday Bridal Bouquet Home Party Decor bridesmaid

    100% Brand New ,like the real.
    The most fanciest Latex Flower!
    Colorful and easy to care.

    $10.99$20.99 Select options
  • Royal Imports 100 Silk Carnations, Artificial Fake Flower Bouquets, Weddings, Cemetery, Crafts & Wreaths, 5″ Stem Pick (Bulk)

    QUALITY: Royal Imports silk carnations are crafted of highest quality coated silk material. They are non- toxic and will not fade from the sun. It appears extremely realistic thus making it a great flower for your wedding, party, funeral etc.
    BEST SELLER: Single stem carnations are very popular in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. It will help to create a beautiful arrangement for a wedding ceremony, engagement party, or any event when placing these carnations on the table or in a vase.
    TRENDS: These individual stemmed carnations are commonly used as lapel boutonnieres or wrist corsages as well as in bud vases at weddings, cemetery arrnagements, or to accent any gift package.

    $19.99$27.49 Select options
  • StillCool Wedding Bouquets Crystal Pearl Silk Roses Bridal Bridesmaid Wedding Hand Bouquet Artificial Fake Flowers

    Diameter: 18cm / 7inches, High: 24cm / 9inches (about)
    Includes 16 pcs little flowers
    Material: PE(Poly Ethylene) Flower Head and Silk.

    $8.99$34.99 Select options
  • 50pcs Artificial Flower,Real Touch Artificial Foam Roses Decoration DIY Wedding Bridesmaid Bridal Bouquet Centerpieces Party

    High Quqlity:This artificial flower roses are made of a soft high quality latex foam which gives them the look of fresh roses.Also the artificial roses are made of eco-friendly PE material, please rest assured.
    SIZE: Total height of each artificial foam rose is about 8.3inch, stem height about 7 inch, head across about 8cm/3.1inch. Please allow little difference in size due to manual measure.
    Multifunction to DIY: perfect for making bouquet as you want such as wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, home decoration bouquet or any other flower decorations/arrangements that you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home.

    $12.99$13.99 Select options
  • PARTY JOY Vintage Artificial Silk Rose Flower Bouquet Wedding Party Home Decor,Park of 10

    Velvet blssom Rose,it touches really comfortable,nearly natural rose are not fake looking at all;
    The beautiful vinatge colors will make a jumbo bridal or bridal maids bouquet, add a nice touch to wedding centerpieces or dress up a wedding head table backdrop;
    The blossoms measure 3.94″ in diameter, with 16.5″ stems,total length 20.47”;

    $10.99$16.99 Select options
  • Efavormart 84 Artificial Buds Roses Wedding Flowers Bouquets Sale

    Order over $35 eligible for FREE SHIPPING,combine with any Efavormart items
    84 Silk Buds Roses – 12 bushes;84 roses buds per each order, 12 bushes, 7 rose buds per bush, can be used individually or in bushes.;NOTE:Vase and other accessories on the photo are sold separately, Price is for flowers only.
    Brand New Condition

    $20.78 Select options
  • DALAMODA 2 Bundles 20 Heads Artificial Silk Flower Rose Bouquet AN10004

    Size:Flower height: 18 inches ,flower heads Diameter 4 inches, Bouquet total of 2 Bundle 20 flower heads
    PACK OF 2 Bundle 20 Flower Heads,Big Open rose Flower
    Material: SATIN,Silk flowers and leaves, plastic branch;

    $22.95 Select options
  • Miracliy Artificial Flower, Fake Floral Rose Silk Flower 12 heads Hand Tied Bouquet Home Hotel Office Wedding Party Garden Craft Art Decor 10 Inch High

    Add a touch of color and romance to your home with these beautiful faux hydrangea flowers. The rich, full, blooming heads of these gorgeous flowers make them a stunning choice for decorating. Create a bouquet that fits perfectly into your personal decor. They’re also perfect for floral arrangements, centerpieces, crafts, and more.
    Perfect for decorating wedding party, your home and garden decoration,office,coffee house,altar,church and so on.
    Lifelike artificial flower that remains just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year

    $25.99 $9.99 Add to cart
  • Fake Artificial Flowers Vintage Silk Peony Flowers Bouquet for Home Wedding Centerpieces Décor and DIY

    Material: petals and leaves are in silk, plastic stems with steel wire inside to make the bouquet stand upright.
    Each artificial peony has 13 stems ,6 flowers and 2 buds; bloom approx 3.5”W x 2”H; and bouquet approx 19” H x 10” W.
    Feature: soft and big artificial flowers with realistic looking.

    $10.99 Select options
  • Set of 2 Iron Roses Twisted Together Forever. Beautiful Anniversary Gift With Deep Message – Bouquet of Twist

    What is a better way to give your loved one a Rose? Give an iron rose bouquet. This hand forged flower set will never die.
    One of a kind metal rose sculpture. Two roses intertwined with one another – stylistic touch of a twist – 30 cm (11.8 inches) long
    This double rose set is designed in order to put it on the table, a shelf or on a fireplace – in the horizontal position.

    $62.95 $59.95 Add to cart
  • Purple and Ivory Silk Rose Hand Tie (36 Roses) – Artificial Silk Bridal Wedding Bouquet

    Everlasting – A beautiful keepsake to pass on to the next generation. Imagine your grand daughter carrying your bridal bouquet down the aisle.
    Botanically correct artificial silk roses look so natural.
    Handle hand wrapped in high quality organza ribbon

    $39.99 Add to cart