Artificial Garlands

In general terms an artificial garland is an ornamental wreath made out of leaves, flowers and all sorts of other artificial things. They can be used in all sorts of ways including around the neck, on the head or as in the case of most of those here, on walls and doors for events like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

There are lots of different types like a lei from Hawaii, artificial flowers, ivy vines and lots more.

Heavily used in weddings and other events, they give a natural and unaffected look and aspect. They are super popular with Brides and those planning such events as well as ever popular at vacation time. So no matter what the time of the year, no matter if outdoor or indoor, the look great and highly realistic.

They are made up of all sorts of materials like rosemary, boxwoods etc.

The silk flowers include wisteria, lilac, roses, hydrangeas and many more – naturally in many colors and combinations of colors.

At Slumberstyle we have literally thousands for examples and types so you are pretty well bound to find something you love.

Unlike the live versions, the silk garland flowers can be used at any time of the year and do not for example need watering. If you are looking for a non expensive way to enhance the look and feel of a business or venue – they are ideal.

We have so many difference sizes, lengths and color that will dazzle wherever you put them. They are very graceful and the rose is especially popular – think about reds and pinks, greens and pinks, lovely. If it is time to buy, please look thru the great range below – at highly competitive pricing, fast delivery, and the range!