Blush pink silver ivory champagne black gold and rose quartz mix of 100 flower petals

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Blush pink, silver, ivory, champagne, black, gold and rose quartz mix of 100 flower petals, flower girl petals, wedding table decor, aisle decor. I hand cut and singe each flower petal. The petals will have an appearance of burnt singed edges, so please understand this is how they will look. I singe some a little longer to give the wilting look as that is what real life petals look like. Various sizes range from 1″ (2.5400 cm) up to 3″ (7.6200 cm) in diameter. Conversion from inches to cm: 1″ = 2.5400 cm 2″ = 5.0800 cm 3″ = 7.6200 cm

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