Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants – (Silk Plants)

Artificial Plants – It is no secret that silk plants have made a comeback. It is obvious they are loved and popular. But these realities don’t discount the fact that many homeowners don’t know everything they would like to know about silk plants. That is what we are doing with our series on silk plants and flowers. We would take you on a tour behind the scenes, to show how silk plants are made, what the diverse types are, how you can pick the best silk plants among the choices available, how you can maintain them and also how you can prepare the ideal setting so the décor is impeccable.

Artificial Topiary Plants for Spacious Areas

Do you have some space in your property that looks rather abandoned or desolate? Bare and deserted spaces don’t look very appealing. They can appear to be bland if you don’t have any specific décor for the space. You may not want to clog up the space and you might not want something that would require a tedious effort on your part, either effort or a substantial investment. What you should opt for are artificial topiary plants for spacious areas. They wouldn’t just fill up the unoccupied areas but also liven up the space. They are an economic way to make vacant spaces interesting.


Artificial Trees – (Silk Trees)

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees – Silk trees have become very popular over the years. The sheer diversity or variety of silk trees makes them an intriguing choice. You could opt for silk Christmas trees or any other type of tree. There are silk bamboo trees, silk bonsais, silk ficus trees, silk palm trees and silk topiary. Silk trees come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, form and shades. You can opt for a tall one or a round one, a bulky one or a nifty one, you can get a stunted bonsai or an elaborate form, you may choose a unique shade of green and you may also opt for a combination of silk trees to make a place truly special.

Christmas Trees

It is imperative for you to consider Christmas trees but it is not mandatory to check out only the conventional options. You can opt for a 2.5′ Christmas tree with Golden Planter & Clear Lights. You could opt for a 3′ Christmas tree with Burlap Bag & Clear Lights. It is entirely up to you how tall, dense, loaded or simple your Christmas tree must be. With our amazing collection of Christmas trees, we are certain that we would have a design and form that will suit your property, the kind of ambience you wish to create and the budget you have set aside.

Silk Topiary Trees

When it comes to silk topiary, it is all about a particular style or design that will compel someone to marvel. Gone are the days when you would place silk topiary for the sake of it. You have the choices to pick one that would truly reflect the sensibilities that you hold so dear. Opt for spirals or double ball, cedar or English ivy, boxwood or pond cypress and you can also go for hibiscus or bougainvillea. The choices are just as intriguing as every piece of silk topiary that we have to offer. You would certainly find one that would complement the setting you have in mind.

Silk Trees: Silk Bamboo Trees

How many shades would you expect when you shop for silk bamboo trees? What if we told you that there are more than half a dozen shades of green and a few more variants that would intrigue you and complement the setting you are considering them for? Our collection of silk bamboo trees don’t just stop there with the different hues and designs, there are some that are resistant to ultraviolet damage and hence ideal for outdoor installation, there are some with decorative plantar, some that are very sleek and some that are voluminous. You would certainly find something to grow fond of.

Bougainvillea Silk Flowering Trees

Improving the overall appeal of your home is simple when you find the right type of greenery. It helps to add life to any room and can be quite versatile as it adapts to both traditional and contemporary designs. The Bougainvillea Silk Flowering Trees are a phenomenal piece of artificial greenery to have in your home as they combine the elegance of foliage and the beauty of flowering buds. Made with the highest level of craftsmanship, you can easily place this silk tree in any room in your home. Instead of choosing a typical tree with only green foliage, add a little bit of color into your home with the phenomenal pink flowers.

Silk Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are said to be a symbol of peace, prosperity, and strength. If you’re looking to improve the feng shui in your home, you’re going to need the right greenery to pull the look together. Silk bonsai trees are quaint accessories that you can place in small areas that need a little extra décor. With the assortment of species to choose from you’ll always be able to find the right style for your needs. For example, a Cedar Bonsai gives the perfect amount of green for a kitchen or living space whereas the Cherry Blossom Bonsai could be perfect for the bathroom or a dressing room.

Silk Ficus Trees

If you’re looking for greenery that is going to give you the “Wow” factor that you need for your home or your office, Ficus trees are surely your best bet. With their abundance of green foliage, they help to bring life into any room that you put them in. The best part about these Ficus trees is the fact that they are constructed out of silk, meaning that you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance as you would with a live plant. They are available in a variety of sizes, shades of green, and in many different types of planters to help add beauty to your space.

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants can become an integral part of your interior or exterior décor. Silk plants are ideal for homes, offices and commercial establishments. You could use a boxwood mat in your home, place a eucalyptus mat in your café, a cedar ball as the centerpiece in your living room or a boxwood ball in your backyard. Silk plants can be partly utilitarian or completely decorative. They may not increase the financial curb appeal of your property but they can certainly enhance the ambience. The very setting comes alive when you throw in a few silk plants in the mix of other decorative set pieces.

Artificial Ferns for your Décor

We all know how demanding a bonsai can be or how painstaking it can be to maintain a flowering plant. In your quest to deck up a room or a particular space, you cannot take up more responsibilities than what you would like to deal with. You need a clever way to make a space interesting, aesthetically pleasing and yet it should not demand much from you. That is exactly what you get with artificial ferns. You get the beauty of various shades of green in myriad forms without the associated responsibilities. Our inventory of artificial ferns would suit any and sundry, from commercial properties to private spaces.


Artificial Plants Types

Artificial Plants Types – (Silk Plants)

Artificial Grasses and Mats

Artificial plants types – The color green implies growth, rebirth or revival, prosperity and harmony. It is a very positive color. Beyond these positive implications, green is a color that instills a sense of calmness. It is a very balanced color that doesn’t allow the heart or the mind to rule over one another. There is a fine calmness and steadiness that the color can impart to any situation. And that is why you should opt for grasses and mats. Every place doesn’t have to be and cannot be presented with hues. Some places need to be blander, which many would call sophisticated. Grasses can be an ideal choice in such places, which could be the foyer of a home or the lobby of an office, the executive cabin of a conglomerate or the deck of a lakefront villa. The same goes for green mats.

Artificial Flowering Plants

A bit of color can change the essence of a place. A little more color can change the entire ambience of a place. It could be your living room or bedroom, the boardroom or the reception, a Geranium Silk Plant or African Violet, an Amarylis Arrangement or the simple but lovely Gerber Daisy with a White Vase can do wonders. You could deck up a space for an ordinary day or it could be a special occasion, flowering plants can be the quintessential difference between an uninteresting and an impressive setting. There are more than half a dozen perennial flowers and plenty of arrangements to choose from.

Artificial Hanging Plants

There are many reasons why people prefer hanging plants. One, they can be conveniently hung from any place that can manage to hold a little weight. Two, artificial hanging plants can be strategically placed to be visible and yet out of the way. There is little to no chance that people passing by or in the room wouldn’t notice them. Three, you can save the precious floor space or lateral space which can be used for more utilitarian purposes. We live in an age when floor or lateral space is of essence. You can get almost all kinds of flowers or plants and arrangements as you get for a vase as hanging set pieces.

Artificial Non-flowering Plants

Many people would find it surprising but colors or hues can be a disrupting factor. There are settings in homes, offices, commercial and public places that wouldn’t benefit from having colorful flowering plants. The level of sophistry owing to the sheer setting, décor and fixtures in the place demands something that is more monochromatic. Contrasts artificial plants types if any should not appear to be out of place and it certainly shouldn’t be on the face or over the top. There should be an element of continuity and soothing complement by the virtue of subtle contrast. That is what you can achieve with non-flowering plants.

Artificial Topiary Plants and Balls

Artificial Topiary plants and balls are an amazing choice for spacious indoor and outdoor areas. They are simple but grand, easy to maintain but aesthetically pleasing, quitting filling so easy to deck up a space and they add a tinge of sophistry to the place. Topiary plants and balls are an economic way to deck up a place which otherwise could remain vacant and thus uninteresting. Owing to the classic appearance of topiary plants and balls, they are compatible with any setting you can think of, residential or commercial. Check out our fascinating inventory that would more than satiate you and cater to your needs.

Silk Plants Ferns

The objective of décor is to liven up a place, to make it more interesting and pleasant in more ways than one. That objective can be accomplished in myriad ways. However, you have to understand the needs of the place. A bright flower sitting in the corner of a dark room is futile. A non-flowering plant in a room that is otherwise bland in décor wouldn’t make sense either. You have to strike a fine balance. If you want to tread a safer path, then ferns can be an ideal choice. The various shades of green, and there are dozens of them, can easily enliven a place.

Fancy Rose Silk Flower Arrangement – Red

Roses are absolutely stunning for any occasion, whether you want to send someone a gift that shows you care or if you want to bring romance into your home. With the Fancy Rose Silk Flower Arrangement – Red you’ll be able to take in the true beauty of fully blossomed red roses at their best stage. The lush greenery attached to the stems helps to add dimension to the arrangement and separates the striking crimson red of the roses. Silk is the best material to use for faux flower arrangements as it requires little to no maintenance and will keep people wondering whether the arrangement is actually real or made of silk.

Sunflower with Cylinder Silk Flower Arrangement – Assorted

When you choose a flower arrangement you’re going to expect a variety of colors to help compliment the aesthetic of any room. With the sunflowers included in this silk flower arrangement, you’ll have a warm and inviting bouquet. Sunflowers are incredibly versatile as they can be used in more traditional design schemes or help to break up an otherwise modern room and add a little bit of comfort. The flowers in the Sunflower with Cylinder Silk Flower Arrangement – Assorted work well together, as they are white, yellow, orange, and deep purple. With their lush foliage, it’s a full bouquet that adds a stunning allure to your property.


Affordable Artificial Plants

Affordable Artificial Plants – (Artificial Plants)

Affordable artificial plants, 6’ Areca Silk Palm Tree – we either stock these or will soon. Bring the tropics right into your home or office with this exquisite 6 foot Areca silk palm tree. This tree has 1464 gracefully crafted leaves on 8 trunks. They are completely arranged in an 8 inch high black plastic pot topped with decorative moss. The Areca silk palm tree conjures images of paradise with visions of tropical sand, flip-flops and a cool ocean breeze. Perfect for creating that special oasis in your home or office to bring gentle tranquility into your life. This silk palm will provide many years of enjoyment. Made with top quality materials you will receive many compliments on your palm and find that maintenance is a breeze.

Artificial Rose Flowers

The red rose is forever the symbol of eternal romance. Brimming with rich dark red roses in a 20.5 inch high clear vase with faux water. This silk arrangement is sure to delight anyone who sees it. So realistic with the thorn encrusted stems in the clear vase, people will want to smell the roses! We use only the highest quality silk roses to give the exacting beauty every rose deserves. The vivid greenery and long stems add to the charm. Making this one of our most elegant rose arrangements. This makes a beautiful gift for a special loved one or friend.

69” Sweet Bat Triple Ball Trees

Topiary has been a prized Japanese art form for centuries. This almost 6 foot tree contains three lush balls with about 2664 leaves, but who is counting? Your friends will ask how long it took you to grow this topiary piece of art. That is because it is so real looking in a 6 inch high plastic pot topped with decorative moss. We use only the highest quality of silk flowers and leaves. And they create the most realistic rendition to last many years. The sweet bat triple ball tree is 23 inches wide perfect for a corner that needs a pick me up or as a bold entrance decoration.

6’ Bougainvillea silk flowering tree

The beautiful bougainvillea is a plant/shrub/tree/vine originally from South America. It has migrated to warm climates all over the world. This six foot silk bougainvillea is one of the most beautiful and popular styles we offer. A perfect balance between the 1,800 dark green leaves and 484 colorful silk flowers. This bougainvillea with traditional pink flowers is sure to delight for many years to come. We use only the highest quality silk flowers and leaves in order to honor the beauty of Mother Nature. The tree comes in a 6 inch black plastic pot topped with decorative moss to complete the elegant look.

6.5 Black Artificial Bamboo Tree

Bamboo is one of the best renewable plants in the world. This 6.5 foot tree is a true exotic delight with rich dark trunks. It has a plethora of classic bright and tender bamboo leaves. The bright pink flowers are sure to ward off any winter blues. This stunning combination comes in a black plastic pot topped with decorative moss. That will carry the elegance from top to bottom. Perfect for a corner that needs twist of elegant color or as a classy entry welcome. The black bamboo tree can fill any niche with its flowing elegance.

Large Hydrangea European vase

Classic beauty can be found in this elegant arrangement of large creamy hydrangeas. Packed bloom to bloom the beautiful hydrangeas is a burst of summer sitting on your table. The blooms are held high aloft a 10 inch clear beautifully ribbed Grecian vase with a visible ring of lush green leaves. They accentuate perfectly the entire piece keeping the eye flowing to the luscious texture of the hydrangeas. We use only the highest quality silk products to create this exquisite cloud-like delight. Perfect as an elegant center piece or a welcoming bouquet at the front door. This large hydrangea arrangement is sure to delight everyone who sees it.

7.5 Classic Pine Christmas Tree

This seven and a half foot (90”) tall artificial Christmas tree is sure to delight your family and friends for years to come. It is of with high quality and extremely realistic construction right down to the tiny pinecones. As an added bonus you will never have to wrestle a string of Christmas lights again. This beautiful tree comes with 500 clear lights built into the 1480 tips. These lights keep shining even if one light burns out so you will never be hunting for the one light that blew the whole string. The tree sits in a solid metal base to avoid tipping making it easy to stack piles of gifts around it.

7.5 majestic Multi Pine with Clear Lights

The seven and a half foot Majestic Christmas tree is a delightful mix of several pine species. This make it an eclectic combination with lush fullness not found in standard Christmas trees. This beauty comes with 650 bright white lights built into the ends of the branches. So you never have to run a string of lights again. The lights will continue to shine even if one burns out and are very easy to replace. The Majestic Christmas tree comes with a solid four prong metal base to keep it on its feet. It will delight your family through the entire holiday season with these affordable artificial plants.

Areca Silk Palm

The seven foot is a refreshing decoration for any home or office. It comes with 1816 mature and new growth leaves on nine trunks. It is so thick and full you will be hunting for hidden fruit among the leaves. This beautiful silk palm comes already potted. It is in a large black plastic pot topped with decorative moss ready to be but in a prime location. This large tree is perfect for that corner that needs more dazzle. Or an office that requires some vibrant life or near a window to create a relaxing retreat on cold winter days.

7.5 Windermere Christmas Tree

The Windermere Christmas tree stand seven and a half feet tall full of lush branches and thick pine needles enticing you to lean over and brush your hand along their silky coat. This tree is regal elegance on a four pronged metal stand. To add to its outstanding beauty it comes with 550 clear lights strategically located across the 1285 tips of the tree so there is no need to wrestle Christmas tree lights ever again and unlike strings of lights if one light burns out the rest stay lit. This tree is sure to delight your family for many years to come.

4’ Cedar Spiral

Topiary is a long standing Japanese art that takes years to master and more years to create beautiful works of plant art. This four foot tree is so lush with 1625 cedar leaves people will stand in awe of your topiary skills and asking you how long it took to create it! This work of art comes in a cream-colored Victorian style pedestal vase to showcase the majesty of the piece. Perfect as an entry piece sitting on the floor or as added decoration to a low table, this cedar spiral is sure to be a show stopper in any location in an office or at home.

Giant Peony Silk Flower Arrangement

Peonies are such a nostalgic flower for many people. An elegant vase full of cream colored artificial peonies in varying sizes is sure to bring a smile to any face. This silk flower arrangement stands 38 inches tall and comes with a 20.5 inch high glass vase with a water illusion to give it the fresh out of the garden look that may trick people into smelling them. Gorgeously arranged with peony buds and full blooms in high quality silk, the height draws the eye up the length of the vase to the explosion of color making this arrangement a delightful piece of eye candy.

African Sunflower Candelabrum

The African Sunflower Candelabrum is a delightful explosion of color sure to brighten any décor. Bright orange, white and yellow sunflowers are surrounded by vibrant greenery in and elegant 28” spread. The bright sun flowers are beautifully accented by various flowers of deep purple, fuchsia and light pink this skillfully designed arrangement makes an elegant centerpiece for any occasion from every day luncheons to anniversary parties or weddings. The crystal clear center placed candelabrum tops off this exquisite piece allowing almost any color of candle to be placed within or changed to fit the occasion.

Golden Sunflower Candelabrum

Sunflowers are one of the cheeriest flowers to be found. This arrangement is 17 inches wide and loaded with happy yellow sunflowers and perfectly accented greenery to make the ideal happy centerpiece for any occasion. The 4 inch high by 4.5 inch wide crystal clear candelabrum sets in the center snuggled up to the sunflowers. The effect of the arrangement can be changed by adding different colored candles. A fall feel can be made with a deep red or chocolate colored candle while spring and summer can be celebrated with a white or yellow candle. This is a perfect gift to cheer up a friend and comes with free shipping.

Hydrangea Candelabrum

The artificial Hydrangea Candelabrum is perfectly designed to show off the classic “puff ball” of the delicate hydrangea. Bursting green buds and perfectly scu foliage further showcases the beautiful pom-poms while decorative stalks and berries add another layer of exquisite elegance. The 4.5 inch wide by 5 inch high crystal clear candelabrum finishes off this delightfully designed piece making it an ideal piece of art for any location such as an entry table or as the centerpiece of any table. This is a classic design that will stay in fashion for years to come and sure to receive many compliments. Free shipping is available for this piece.

Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants – large range of indoor artificial plants and outdoor artificial plants ranging from Christmas Trees to artificial fruit.

Bamboo Poles

If you’re the type of person that loves bringing the outdoors inside, these bamboo poles are the perfect addition to your home or office. As a brilliant display of natural bamboo stained with a stunning red, it’s the perfect way to bring color into an otherwise bland room. It’s a fun and decorative piece that can be put into relatively any room in your home. The artificial bamboo poles themselves are incredibly durable and easy to maintain throughout the years. With 79” worth of height, it can easily become the centerpiece of any room that you put it in. For home owners interested in a way to create a Zen aesthetic, these bamboo poles are a phenomenal choice.


Holly Berry Garland

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than to bring some holly berries into your home. This beautiful Holly Berry Garland is for a variety of surfaces, whether you want to bring attention to the mantle on your fireplace or if you want to drape it over a credenza in your front hallway. The stunning red berries offer a brilliant contrast against the dark green foliage, which offers the quintessential Christmas look. The adorable faux pinecones also help to add to the authenticity to transform a regular home into a winter wonderland for the holidays. It can also be a great gift for someone in your family that loves the Christmas season.

Variegated Mini Ficus

One of the best ways to bring life into any space is to find lush greenery that can compliment both modern and traditional aesthetics. The Variegated Mini Ficus is perfect for any type of home, whether you want to put it in your dining room as a great accent or if you want to brighten up your basement with a little bit of greenery. The lush foliage is phenomenal and sets a fresh and earthy tone for the entire piece. There are over 4131 different leaves in the ficus that are variegated in color. With the immaculate attention to detail put into the construction of this tree, you’ll sincerely be getting a stunning piece.

Red Berry Ball

Aside from putting plants throughout your entire home to help brighten up a space, you can easily take advantage of small accent pieces to create a stunning display on any surface. The Red Berry Ball assortment is a great way to add a little bit of color to your dining room table, boudoir, or even a bathroom counter. You can easily put the balls into a large dish or you can put them inside of a hurricane vase with other trinkets and accent pieces to create a beautiful centerpiece. Whether you want to take advantage of the balls for a holiday display or if you just want to add a little of romanticism with the deep red color to a room, the options are endless.

Rectangle Planters

One of the most important pieces that you’ll need once you’ve decided to add either real or artificial plant life inside or outside of your home is a planter. This set of 2 rectangular planters gives home owners the ability to offer a modern appeal and place all of their favorite bushes and trees in one convenient place. Whether you want to put some artificial trees inside of the planters in your kitchen or if you’re looking for a place to pot your favorite flowers on your porch, they are versatile pieces. With the rich dark stain on the wood, you can easily implement them into any design scheme. The two sizes are also useful as you can choose whether you want to use the larger planter (7×20”) or the smaller planter (5.5×12”).

Calla Lily & Palm Combo Yellow

Imagine being able to transport yourself to a tropical paradise every time you entered your home or your office. The best way to completely transform a space is to take advantage of different types of foliage and flowers Such as the Calla Lily & Palm Combo Yellow. This immaculate display of stunning calla lilies and palm tree ferns creates the perfect combination of modern luxury and tropical desire. The stunning yellow sets a strong contrast against the deep green foliage, helping to make the calla lilies pop. The best part is that the entire arrangement is artificial so you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance or your lilies dying over time.

Fern and Orchid Arrangement

People that are interested in modern and stunning displays of affordable artificial plants should certainly consider the Fern & Orchid Arrangement. It gives you the opportunity to have a stunning piece displayed in your home that accentuates beauty and innovation. With the beautiful white, pink, and purple orchids it adds a mysterious feminine appeal to any space. The lush green ferns offer the perfect backdrop. So the petals from the orchids are the focal point of the piece.

Enjoy the range – great prices, fast delivery and always top quality.


Artificial Plants Indoors

Artificial Plants Indoors (Silk Indoor Plants)

Artificial Plants Indoors – the word plants covers artificial flowers of course but also includes succulents, stems, silk trees for indoors and outdoors, silk hanging baskets and more.

When we have enough we will give them their own category to make them easier to search for.

In the mean time these are some of the examples we have or will have soon.

5′ Rosemary Spiral Silk Trees (In-door/Out-door)

The 5′ Rosemary Spiral Silk Trees (In-door/Out-door) represents a striking option for those who want unique décor options for their home or other space. The soft foliage is emphasized in a curve that goes around and around, offering both pleasing aesthetics and a sense of subtle grandeur. This twisty evergreen product is made from the finest materials available. This means that it will be able to stand as a treasured item in your home or office for years and years to come. It is worth noting that the 5′ Rosemary Spiral Silk Trees (In-door/Out-door) works with a wide array of rooms and spaces. You can easily include this product with yours.

6′ Areca Palm Silk Tree

When you think about palm trees, what additional images come to mind? People begin to imagine those palm trees being swayed by a gentle breeze. They imagine golden stretches of beautiful sand. They certainly imagine an ocean of water so clear, you can see right down to the bottom. The 6′ Areca Palm Silk Tree is a great way to evoke all of that imagery. This Madagascar visitor offers over thirteen hundred leaves, delicate branches, and stands 6’ in height. This 6′ Areca Palm Silk Tree can make for a welcome addition to a variety of spaces. Without question, you can easily see it in an office or living room space.

6′ Mini Cedar Pine Trees (Indoor/Outdoor)

Cedar pine trees are capable of bringing to mind the most attractive, even stunning images of nature that we are capable of conjuring up. While no one is going to tell you to plant an actual cedar pine tree in your living room or outdoor area, the 6′ Mini Cedar Pine Trees (Indoor/Outdoor) is a nice way to bring those images into your home or office space. These mini cedar pine trees can make for a particularly lovely addition during the holiday season. However, you can really enjoy something like this during any time of the year that you wish. The greenery is both life-like and rich in its vibrant, strong green.

Artificial Fruit

Trying to create a unique centerpiece or a décor item that stands out is not always easy. There are a number of options to choose from, but artificial fruit is one decorative item that can transform the style of any room. You have the ability create a centerpiece that stands out and attracts attention by choosing to fill a glass bowl or vase with plastic fruit. From red berry balls to faux mangos, you have so many different options that you can choose from. The design possibilities really are endless when you choose to decorate using the many types of artificial fruit that are available for purchase.

6’ Similax Silk Tree

Living in different regions of the world makes it impossible to have exotic plants or trees. Not anymore with this lush six foot Similax Tree available from the Silky Flower Store. This artful recreation of nature has 2,786 leaves with a beautiful curvy wooden trunk. This tree is perfect for any home or office décor to spruce of an empty space with bright green and nature. It comes in a black plastic pot topped with floral moss ready to be placed in a special new home. This Similax tree is sure to delight your guests or coworkers by offering peace and tranquility.

4’ Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree

This is a artistically shaped topiary rosemary tree that can be used indoors or out. Standing four feet tall this gently curved beauty comes in a black 10” pot and is lushly made with 1,512 needles. This is such a realistic representation of the aromatic rosemary you will have people trying to smell it or want to run their hands over the curves of this beauty. This striking rosemary plant placed in an entry or used as an accent piece to add a dash of class and color, sure to delight all those who see it. A pair would make a perfect entry piece on either side of your front door.

69” Sweet Bay Topiary with 4 Balls

A cleverly crafted 69” sweet bay topiary is a delightful way to express your style. This beauty has four round leafy balls with a total of 2,664 leaves and comes in a black 7” plastic pot topped with decorative moss. The asymmetrical tree would be a delightful addition to your home or office adding some beautiful nature without the fear of taking care of a live plant. It is made of high quality silk that is easy to clean and looks so real nobody will know it isn’t. Perfect to brighten an empty corner or used as a focal point this Sweet Bay Topiary is sure to brighten your day.

6’ Cedar Spiral Silk Tree

As one of the largest silk trees offered by Silky flower Store this beauty stands six feet tall yet is only 13 inches wide. Cleverly crafted in a corkscrew spiral with 1,800 leaves this creation makes for an exquisite statement as an entry focal point either indoors or out. If you are looking for an artful floral arrangement designed to last years and made of high quality silk, this cedar tree is the right one for you. Easy to clean and maintain it is sure to receive many compliments about your gardening skills. This is a classic that never goes out of style.

5’ Weeping Ficus Tree

The ficus is a common plant for their easy nature but this tree is far above a simple plant. This regal beauty stands 5’ feet tall with 1,121 leaves and comes in a 7” black plastic pot topped with decorators moss. Each high quality silk leaf drapes elegantly creating a “weeping” effect. This lush tree deserves a center spot in your home or office décor with its sturdy design but delicate look. Sitting near a window you will be delighted as the sun gently lights the many leaves and reflect the beautiful green. Easy to maintain with a light dusting this weeping ficus will be enjoyed for many years to come.

6’ Black Artificial Black Bamboo Tree

Sporting 1,132 elegantly crafted leaves, this six foot black bamboo tree is true delight to the eyes. Black trunks create a stimulating background to the bright green leaves making the eyes search for the source of the dramatic coloring. This gorgeous tree takes the mind to tropical places and rain forests with its delicate beauty. There is no place where this can be placed and not be a show stopper. Hiding in a corner it will call out with its majesty to entrap the passerby with delight. This is one tree that deserves a center spot for attention in your home or office.

7’ Artificial Bamboo Silk Palm Tree

This show stopper stands seven feet tall with over 1,500 lush leaves. This is a delightful replication of the reed palm so often seen in Mexico as a native plant. The branches are so realistic you may accidently find yourself watering it. Having your own bamboo reed palm is like having a slice of heaven in your home or office. Tropical, fresh and sassy this tree may tempt you to take off your shoes and string a hammock up. This palm will fill any space needing brightness and life including an entryway or as an accent piece in the kitchen. It is versatile decoration and ready to be shipped to a new home.