Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants – (Silk Plants)

Artificial Plants – It is no secret that silk plants have made a comeback. It is obvious they are loved and popular.

But these realities don’t discount the fact that many homeowners don’t know everything they would like to know about silk plants. That is what we are doing with our series on silk plants and flowers.

We would take you on a tour behind the scenes, to show how silk plants are made, what the diverse types are, how you can pick the best silk plants among the choices available, how you can maintain them and also how you can prepare the ideal setting so the décor is impeccable.

artificial fern

Artificial Topiary Plants for Spacious Areas

Do you have some space in your property that looks rather abandoned or desolate? Bare and deserted spaces don’t look very appealing. They can appear to be bland if you don’t have any specific décor for the space.

You may not want to clog up the space and you might not want something that would require a tedious effort on your part, either effort or a substantial investment.

What you should opt for are artificial topiary plants for spacious areas. They wouldn’t just fill up the unoccupied areas but also liven up the space. Beautiful artificial plants are an economic way to make vacant spaces interesting.

artificial vegetables

Artificial Fruit

Artificial Fruit | Fake Fruit Along with our range of faux vegetables Silky Flower Store also has nice range of artificial fruit for your home decor. They can be displayed in all sorts of places - on your kitchen counter, adding some color to a window sill, on a dining...

fake grass plants

Faux Grass Plants

Faux Grass Plants Faux grass plant have many uses such as focal plants, a no maintenance privacy areas and a great eyes catcher. The ornamental value of silk grass plants should not be overlooked - especially with the contrast they provide and their stunning look and feel. ...

artificial succulent flower

Silk Succulent Plants

Silk Succulent Plants You will enjoy these great silk succulent plants for their realism and lake of maintenance required. Think of creating a mini desert or a tropical looking area in your home or business. These arrangement of fake tropical plants can be placed pretty well anywhere. There are choices...

artificial boston ferns

Silk Fern Plants

Silk Fern Plants Many find that live ferns are difficult to keep alive so think about silk fern plants instead. This is mainly because they need humidity. No watering, no picking up ferns no maintenance. With the wide selection here you are bound to find something you...

artificial grass arrangement

Artificial Grass Plants

Artificial Grass Plants Artificial grass plants will enhance and bring beauty to pretty well and room or office you care to put them into. You will never need to prune them nor give them a single drop of water. You will find that Silky Flower Store provides many different shapes and...