Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants – (Silk Plants)

Artificial Plants – It is no secret that silk plants have made a comeback. It is obvious they are loved and popular.

But these realities don’t discount the fact that many homeowners don’t know everything they would like to know about silk plants. That is what we are doing with our series on silk plants and flowers.

We would take you on a tour behind the scenes, to show how silk plants are made, what the diverse types are, how you can pick the best silk plants among the choices available, how you can maintain them and also how you can prepare the ideal setting so the décor is impeccable.

artificial fern

Artificial Topiary Plants for Spacious Areas

Do you have some space in your property that looks rather abandoned or desolate? Bare and deserted spaces don’t look very appealing. They can appear to be bland if you don’t have any specific décor for the space.

You may not want to clog up the space and you might not want something that would require a tedious effort on your part, either effort or a substantial investment.

What you should opt for are artificial topiary plants for spacious areas. They wouldn’t just fill up the unoccupied areas but also liven up the space. Beautiful artificial plants are an economic way to make vacant spaces interesting.

fake grass plants

Faux Grass Plants

Faux Grass Plants

Faux grass plant have many uses such as focal plants, a no maintenance privacy areas and a great eyes catcher. The ornamental value of silk grass plants should not be overlooked - especially with the contrast they provide and their stunning look and feel.

faux grass plants

These grasses can be very graceful with a real vibrancy and can be used in any garden. You will find in your range of faux grass plants many sizes, sizes and colors which can offer lots of options to your garden. They can add great textures, beautiful and even privacy to your chosen area. Naturally no maintenance is required - no watering or mowing or clipping. Naturally only top quality products are used - always long lasting. Many of the items come in potted plants an we also offer outdoor plant containers that you can use.

Think about using on your deck or patio - creating a quiet peaceful sitting area - a great place to relax over the weekend or when you get back from work. Who could ask for a better backdrop. One the the things people love about the fake grasses is that they move in the wind. With some creativity you will be amazed what these grasses bring you.

So you will be impressed by the grace and style these various grasses bring to your landscape which will also impress your family and friends. Should you wish to add color to your landscape that lasts all year round, please look at the range at Silky Flower Store look at anything from dollhouse miniatures to onion grass - it is all here.


artificial succulent plants

Silk Succulent Plants

Silk Succulent Plants

You will enjoy these great silk succulent plants for their realism and lake of maintenance required. Think of creating a mini desert or a tropical looking area in your home or business. These arrangement of fake tropical plants can be placed pretty well anywhere.

silk succulent plants

There are choices here ranging from min as per below to large in pots or even in hanging baskets. They have a wonderful minimalistic look and feel inspired from plants from all over the world include from the USA.

Only a little imagination is required to think of the places to put these faux succulents - for example how about on your desk at work, on a coffee table at home or even on your dining room table.

Using in a dyi project is another option, especially given their lovely hues as they have great personality that can be added to that special area. How about as a boutonniere or a corsage for your upcoming special event? They are all here.

As these fake plants are becoming increasingly popular we are adding more and more to this already extensive range. Naturally you do not have to just show them by themselves, you can mix them in other artificial plants and flowers.

artificial fern

Silk Fern Plants

Silk Fern Plants

Many find that live ferns are difficult to keep alive so think about silk fern plants instead. This is mainly because they need humidity. No watering, no picking up ferns no maintenance.

With the wide selection here you are bound to find something you love and remember you can obtain a lovely artificial plant container here as well.

You can bring their beauty from outside into your home. Add style to any room you like. They have a a lovely delicate look and feel. You can enjoy these wonderfully realistic plant that will enhance your decor.

At Silky Flower Store you can get you plants that will allow you to have your own indoor forest - a wonderful lush look and experience. Naturally the faux ferns come in all sorts or color shades that have a lovely calming feel as well as being vibrant.

silk fern plants

These silk plants will not get overgrown nor dry out (which you commonly get in planters). On this site you will find options such as faux Boston ferns, hanging ferns, air ferns in baskets and you can even source with other artificial flowers.

These faux plants are a great source of greenery for your office or home and are very popular. Go short or tall (can even think of as a divider) and you can use them to drape over something - including pots of course.

Anyway please enjoy the range on this site - they definitely will enhance your homes decor.

Artificial Grass Plants

Artificial Grass Plants

Artificial grass plants will enhance and bring beauty to pretty well and room or office you care to put them into. You will never need to prune them nor give them a single drop of water.

You will find that Silky Flower Store provides many different shapes and sizes for you to use. They provide lots of textures and forms such as faux wheat grass, artificial grass in pots and of course combined with other faux plants and flowers.

artificial grass plants

Some of the fake grasses will be used close to the ground whist others will be tall and graceful. When the grasses come in pots you will find them east to transport when your needs change.

So when you want to redecorate a room you will find it easy to use any of the range of silk grasses.

You can even source in squares that can be used in dollhouses or other craft options. Another that is a favorite is pampas grass. Think of adding stunning greenery onto the tops of cabinets / adding a great texture and color to your work area and home. Think of putting into one of our decorative plant containers here.


Artificial Fruit Vegetables

artificial fruitArtificial Fruit Vegetables | Decorative Fruits

Artificial fruit vegetables – decorative fruit ranging from fake lemons to realistic artificial apples. Great in many places, from home to office. Enhance your decor wherever they are. Raises the color with no mess.

Artificial Fruit

You can place in pretty well any sort of bowl – and serve to stimulate your decoration ideas. The artificial fruit can be mixed – how about on your kitchen bench top or a centerpiece on your dining room table? They do not have to be by themselves, you can mix with silk flowers to make a great display. So if you want a product that will brighten up you office, home or kitchen when you come to do your decorating, think of fake fruit.

Artificial Vegetables

Artificial vegetables that are realistic (such as ours) will help you create a colorful decorative area in your home or business. Whether you put them in your dining room your kitchen or elsewhere, they will look great. We have available lots of variety – from fake red pepper hot chilly, artificial potatoes or lifelike carrots, you will find them here. These vegetables never rot, dont need to be in the fridge and last for a very very long time. artificial vegetables Please enjoy the prices, fast delivery and especially the quality. We ONLY have faux vegetables and faux fruit that have been highly reviewed by people who have bought them and loved them!