Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Create an oasis in your home or office-choose artificial plants! If you plan to decorate your home or office, you may have considered using plants. Planting is a good choice because it can give home/office visitors/customers a relaxed and comfortable feeling. In addition, the atmosphere in the home or office is likely to be detrimental to many plants, and even if we try our best to take care of them, most of them will die. This does not mean that you cannot fill your home/office with the plants of your choice! What about artificial plants?

You may think that artificial plants do not give people the feeling of real plants, and you will find that they are artificial plants if you look closely! This is not necessarily true, and the manufacture of artificial plants is now technologically superior. Even at close range, they give the appearance of a real plant. These plants are made of durable, high-quality materials and fabrics. Another important factor to consider when choosing artificial plants is that they require minimal cleaning: depending on the environment, dust is removed twice a month, or spotless twice a year.

artificial begonia hanging basket
artificial begonia hanging basket

There are countless varieties of artificial plants, one can vary from one to the other. Choose from a series of plants, such as ivy and garland, hanging plants, bonsai, shrubs, flowers, orchids, tropical, indoor artificial trees, large artificial trees, etc., to name a few. Choose one or two to enhance the effect of your surroundings. In addition, in terms of cost, compared with live plants, artificial plants are cheaper in the long run. For those who dont have time to properly take care of live plants, artificial trees and plants are a good choice. They are also ideal for choosing plants or trees that are not easily available as live plants. For special occasions or events, it is easy to choose suitable styles, colors and effects, for example, Christmas-trees, plants and flowers and weddings-flowers, fragrant flowers, orchids, arrangements and year round-garlands, hanging plants, ivy, silk Lan et al.-Artificial plants lack the natural smell of living plants, but the good news is that artificial plants have the smell of real plants; this is done by using perfume to imitate the smell of real plants.

All in all, artificial plants are very suitable for allergy sufferers, busy homes/offices, and smart new artificial plants that exist today. The decoration of choice for many professionals.

Artificial flowers and artificial plants have their own advantages

Although there are few things like real flowers, artificial flowers and artificial Plants have their own advantages in some situations. If you are planning an event or need to send souvenirs, sometimes artificial flowers and artificial plants make more sense.

When many people think of artificial flowers and artificial plants, they think of those terrible plastic arrangements. Dust on the shelves of the department store. But todays situation is very different. Realistic silk orchids or flowers have replaced the sticky plastic flowers and plants in the past.

Silk Flowers Wedding

Artificial flowers and artificial plants can extend the wedding budget very well. Silk flowers can replace real flowers. Put a drop of sesame oil in the middle, and most people can tell the difference between the two.

Wedding flower arrangement

silk is also very suitable for areas with heavy traffic. Real flowers will be hit. Artificial flowers and artificial plants are the perfect decoration for the bench. Guests may accidentally touch them when sitting down, but the petals will be as beautiful as ever. You never have to worry about silk orchids or wilted flowers.

Scrapbooks, Crafts and Cake Decorations

Artificial flowers and artificial plants are the perfect way to add floral decorations to your scrapbook pages and crafts. For example, the bride usually keeps a wedding invitation as a souvenir. For convenience, silk flowers with whole or individual petals and leaves can be used to decorate the pages of scrapbooks or souvenir frames. Than icy creation. , You can save them in the souvenir box later.

Sending flowers when in pain is a long-standing tradition. Real flowers are beautiful and fragrant, but they will soon disappear. Many families are accustomed to offering mourning bouquets to friends and family members as touching souvenirs for the death of their loved ones. Silk flower arrangement is a lasting gift that can bring back fond memories of relatives and friends who will be absent years later.

The artificial flowers made today are as beautiful as the artificial plants, almost exactly the same as the real thing. If you want the beauty of the flowers in your life, why not add some lasting feeling to the beautiful silk flowers and plants?

Home Office Feng Shui

Whether you believe in the power of Eastern Feng Shui or not, believe More and more people. Either way, it’s fun to research different ideas, so let’s take a look at your home office from a Feng Shui perspective.

Asian entrepreneurs believe that feng shui in the workplace is very important. Contributed to personal and business success for centuries. Anything that has lasted for centuries is worth studying carefully to see if any part of this concept works for you. In this article, we will ignore the feng shui of corporate business offices and focus on the renovation of home offices.

If possible, your office has a separate external entrance. If not, please choose a room near the front or back door of the house or apartment. Separate your home office from the rest of the living room to separate your business and personal life. If your home office is part of a larger room, separate it from bookcases, screens, or large plants. Never turn your back to the window. Turning your back to a door lets you symbolically open to attack. If you face a door directly, the incoming air may overwhelm you. The best posture is to face a wall that contains elements of the earth, such as an image of a mountain or lake. The next best position is away from an angle of the door or facing a wall with water features, such as pictures of fish or lakes, or even abstract art with wavy lines.—–It can infuse your desk Vitality decorates it with objects that symbolize the five elements that attract work and luck. Just follow Luoshuge: —– North: Your cup or drinking glass Northeast: A glass paperweight Northwest: Your computer terminal East: Flowers Southeast: A small green plant South: A lamp or something red.

If you see harmful elements from the window, you can eliminate them by strategically placing wind chimes or plants. Cacti and bamboo are plants that symbolize good luck and are very suitable for home offices. Any sharp-leaf plant is good feng shui in this area because it is believed to prevent harmful effects. .A measure that separates your business life from your personal life. Leave at least 7-9 inches of space between each office furniture. This leaves room for energy flow.

Post pictures of lakes, waterfalls or any other water features on a wall on the east side of the office. This represents the flow of energy. You can also use one of these tabletop fountains, or even an aquarium – place a smooth green plant on the shelf closest to the water, instead of a plant with jagged or pointed leaves. If you are a known killer of live plants, you can use artificial plants.

Here are some other items you can also put in that corner: * A red egg symbolizing the creation of wealth * A red envelope containing various coins * A crystal on a red ribbon near the window * Three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon * A pearl or any spherical object * A wheel or a bell * A symbol or image of a red fish * A symbol of birth The humble lotus of great achievement has water near the entrance to an office filled with jars.

The benefits of Feng Shui —– It is said that Feng Shui can make you more aware of how your environment affects your mentality. Even if you disagree with the ancient customs of the East, you have to admit that a clean office, with mobile space and beautiful decoration, is much better than a crowded dungeon, where piles of paper are piled up.

– In addition, Feng Shui helps you stay focused by forcing you to store unfinished and future projects in the storage area so that you are not distracted by worrying every day. Feng Shui experts claim that you will also get the following additional benefits: —– * Increase your wealth and wealth. * Improve your health. * Reduce insomnia and stress. * Improve your personal ability. * Relieve family conflicts. * Improve your concentration * Improve financial security. * Attract new customers for your business. * Improve your life in many other ways.

Feng Shui is much more than what we might cover in this article. The Internet is a rich source of articles.