benefits of artificial plants

Benefits of Artificial Plants

We all like to have a little of the natural world about our homes, but it is not always easy. Think pets, allergies, holidays and watering, it’s not easy. So having wonderful flowers and plants about the place can be a bit of a struggle. So with all the problems mentioned keeping live plants up and running is not easy.

outdoor artificial plants
Outdoor Artificial Plants

Regretably our live plants do not like the likes of not being watered, but there are solutions – hence the benefits of artificial plants.

Little Maintenance Artificial Plants

We all have lots to do around the home such as looking after the children, the dogs and cats (and others), cleaning and going to work. All of them need time and attention – along with a little me time. Then think about the watering of outdoor and indoor plants, making sure they are in the correct amount of sunlight (and humidity even) and then the occasional pruning which can be a big job – then the amount of time you need would get to be too much.

So when you look at silk plants which are great looking outdoors (check for UV resistant etc.) and indoors then it becomes all about exactly which ones and where.

Quality Artificial Plants

In the dim dark past, quality and artificial plants used to be a problem, but not anymore. With the use of top quality materials and stunning planters, along with arrangements that are super realistic, they are really a most amazing addition to your decor.

Naturally you spend time and money maximizing the look and feel of your garden and home interior – well these long-lasting, fresh looking and vigorous plants will look great season after season.

Non-Toxic Artificial Plants

There are some real plants and flowers that can be poisonous to pets and your kids which can cause illnesses or even death and does cause illnesses to thousands each year. There are lots of popular plants like lilies and oleanders, philodendron and the ever popular ivy (there are more) are known to be bad for this. Indeed, sometimes even the water that comes from them or their soil can cause problems. So using artificial plants rather that the real ones as real advantages.

Variety of Artificial Plants

From season to season you tend to change the flowers in your home. Well, fake plants and flowers are just brilliant in this situation. Think about a stunning Spring arrangement or an Autumn wreath all being in storage until the season arrives. No multiple (expensive) visits to the florist). The ideal is to build up a number of silk flowers and plants, so you can use at any season or occasion.

fall artifical wreaths
Fall Artificial Wreaths

Silk Flowers and Vacations

When you come back from a holiday (after remembering passports, dog kennels, booking the flights and hotels etc.) you will find the artificial flowers looking just a stunning as when you left. No watering to arrange or wilted flowers. So you can leave and have a lovely relaxed holiday.

Artificial Plants and Holiday Seasons

If you are after more time with family and friends during holidays, (after the standard gift buying, cleaning and cooking etc.) well decorating will be easy with artificial flowers. Speaking of gifts – how about make a gist of buying the faux flowers. You can use centerpieces, wreaths, garlands and say Easter Lilies. Our favorites are pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees. No watering every day, long queues, and no picking up needles.

prelit artificial christmas trees
Prelit Artificial Christmas Trees

Decorating your home will be a breeze year after year.

You have to explore the wondrous elements of silk flowers and silk orchid flowers to know how amazing they are. Beyond the facts that you don’t need to buy them every two or three days, you don’t need to deal with unavailability and you can actually have a perennial décor lifting up the ambience in your home.

artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are not just another random decorative piece. They contribute to the setting and do so for years if you can maintain them well and they don’t need any laborious maintenance but an occasional cleaning. Artificial flowers are one of the few reasonable and most rewarding investments you can make in décor.

What is Fall? As my favorite season, I decided to check it and see how Mr. Webster defines it. Continuing to say “autumn”, I found “autumn”, well, back to that, this is what it said, “Autumn, the season between summer and winter.” Well, it’s very simple, I think we Most people already know it, so this is my explanation. “Autumn; cold days bring cool nights.

Freshly picked apples, hot red leaves, pumpkins, gourds, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and new opportunities to decorate your home.” I’m not sure what you think, but I like One of the reasons for autumn is that the temperature is low, and I seem to have a new energy level. Suddenly, daily activities don’t require much effort. Think about what you can do with this new energy. After all, when the temperature reaches 90° and the humidity is so high that it may rain in your home, who wants to provide good cleaning for your home, sort and dispose of unneeded items in cabinets, drawers and cabinets.

Take a walk with your family or your favorite four-legged fur baby and admire the magnificent spectacle of Mother Nature’s colors. As mentioned above, this is also an opportunity to change home decoration. Now I am not talking about a complete redo, just add accessories related to the fall. Changing your curtains from light summer fabrics and colors to something with a heavier texture and darker color is one way. Heat up quickly. Add some warm blankets to the back or armrests of the furniture, and replace the key pillows with something with autumn prints or warm colors-even just one or two pillows can make a difference.

For newcomers with an autumn theme. Take a walk in your garden or nearby park or state forest and look for things you can use, such as irregularly shaped branches, pine cones, acorns, and seed pods. Mixing these with store-bought silk mummies, preserved leaves or nine-tailed cattails in any type of container you may have will give any surface an autumnal appearance. The crown is the core. Put it in the middle of any table with a ceramic or even a real pumpkin in the middle. Speaking of pumpkins, buy some, real or fake, and spread them in your house from the inside out. Put them together with colorful pumpkins, apples, broad beans, berry leaves or vines in a bowl or basket to create a festive atmosphere. Check out artificial fruits from local crafts and discount stores.

The advantage of this is that once this season has passed, they can be kept until needed again next year, so this is a very economical and wise investment. The smell is another hint of autumn. Candles and floral scents are like pumpkins in the autumn scent; spiced apples or cider will make entering your home a wonderful experience. Here are some of my favorites: Potpourri, I have used many different brands and this is by far the best. Some of my favorite perfumes are: Apple Tree, American Harvest & Country Retreat. Candles-I have been burning candles for many years and these are my favorites. As for the smell, I can only say yummmmm.

Favorite smells include: crunchy apples, spiced pumpkin, hot apple cider and gingerbread. How to use them in your home decoration Have you ever had the pleasure of walking in a forest full of pine needles? Can you imagine those pine needles becoming baskets, trays or sculptures? In this article, you will learn a brief history of pine needle baskets and how to use these beautiful and fragrant artworks for your home decoration. The pine needle basket may have existed since the pine tree shared the earth with humans. The historical reference does not state when the pine needles were first used in the basket. However, due to the supply of pine needles in your area, it is worth noting that the Seminole Indians of South Florida were the earliest pine needle basket manufacturers.

The Seminole Indians used bone needles or shell needles to stitch pine needles with the roots of ferns, sisal or marsh grasses. Some baskets are used as feeding baskets, carrying water and sifting seeds. It is worth noting that modern pine needle knitting began during the Civil War (1861-1865), when Mrs. MJ McAfee of South Georgia replaced the old hat worn by his father with pine needles tied with cotton thread.

As we know today, she claims to be the creator of pine needle knitting. Today, pine needle baskets are most often made using rolling technology, which is one of the oldest and most versatile basket making methods. The basket is made by rolling and sewing a bunch of continuous pine needles around the bottom row and the top. The bottom of the basket consists of a bunch of pine needles connected with various fibers such as raffia, split roots, birch paper, yucca, tendons, embroidery thread, waxed flax thread or thread. Decorative stitching and packaging techniques are often used to strengthen the basket and add attractive elements. The most commonly used needles are straight wheat needles, spiral wheat needles, fern needles, popcorn needles, diamond needles, Indian wraps and countless knot needles.

Pine needles come from a variety of pine trees, such as Jeffrey pine, long needle pine, Monterey pine, ponderosa pine, bir pine, and gray pine. Pine needles are collected from the freshly fallen top layer on the forest floor, or from fallen trees or branches, and are selected according to their flexibility and length. After collecting the pine needles, they are carefully washed, pickled, and then stored until use. The natural color of pine needles can be used, or the needles themselves can be dyed. Decorative objects such as colored threads, buttons, beads, walnut slices, and cones are often used to enhance pine needle baskets or projects. Pine needle baskets are very attractive in home decoration.

artificial pine cone needles
Artificial Pine Cone Needles

Here are a few ideas on how to use pine needle baskets to decorate your home: Display one or a group on a shelf to create an eye-catching display. Use them like any basket to create an attractive silk greenery arrangement. Protruding a small table or a special chest. Install a set of two or more baskets on one wall as an interesting wall decoration. Put the dried flowers in the urn-shaped pine needle basket and put it on the bedside table. It looks very close to her bed. cute. Use the taller round version as a desktop organizer for pens and pencils, and use the shorter version to hold clips, rubber bands, etc. Place artificial fruits in pine needle basket trays as a charming centerpiece on your dining room or kitchen table. As you can see, the possibilities of how to use pine needle baskets in home decoration are endless.

Today, these beautiful pine needle baskets are being made by professional and amateur basket manufacturers all over the world. Many pine needle baskets can be found in art galleries, art and handicraft fairs, home improvement stores and the Internet. Pine needle knitting is considered a lost art and is now being revived by craftsmen and artists. With an interesting background and an exciting future, basket knitting and pine needle projects will definitely exist for many years.