Valentines Day

Valentines Day Flowers

A little history and background - Valentines Day is also called Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine's Day and is celebrated on 14th February every year It came from an early Christian Saint called Valentinus and is celebrated in many countries in the world. One of the legends is that he healed his jailers daughter and signed a letter to her "your Valentine". His day became associated with love in the 14th Century and by the 18th Century in England flowers (now often silk flowers) chocolates and cards are given. Handwritten cards gave way to mass produced one in the 19th Century. valentines day artificial flowers When postage go cheap in England the sending of cards started in very large numbers - in 1840 400,000 were sent! It is at about this time when cards started to be sent anonymously - previously the cards were handed personally. In the USA mas production started very soon after in 1847 by Esther Howard and were made from embossed paper lace. Now something like 190 million cards are sent every year in the USA (although that does not include the millions that school children exchange). Naturally with the advent of the internet many create the cards on the net and send them via the internet. Valentines Day Silk Flowers.

Tips For Spring Cleaning and Try a Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring Cleaning Ideas and a Spring Floral Arrangement

Yes that time of the year has finally come to get rid of the junk dust and grime that tends to build up over winter (think about a silk orchids arrangement and look out your spring floral arrangement. It does not have to be a scary job and here are some tips. spring silk floral arrangements Have ceiling fans in the bedrooms? Then dust that before you change the bed and start dusting elsewhere - The hint is start high, work your way down. Have a dirty microwave? Think of those spills from winter soups and such that are often baked on - well get a bowl, add water and lemon juice - put in the microwave on high for a few minutes. You will then be able to just wipe the microwave as everything will be loosened. Now it is time for the fridge - first step is to simply take everything out. Through out anything time expired, and wipe down and spills. Then buy a box of baking soda, open and leave in the fridge - it will get rid of any smells. On to the bathroom - through out and toiletries that are no longer used or expired medicines, also replace the cleaning brushes clothes (aim for every three months to do that). Check your tables and other surfaces for clutter - it is amazing how it builds up. Then (sorry I have to suggest it), add a pretty Silk Floral Arrangements - any other suggestions?

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Some Living Room Decorating Ideas With Silk Flowers

Living Room Decorating Ideas - a living room should be the place you can relax and let those stresses disappear (see the definition of a living room - part of it is specifically a Living Room - here come some living decorating room ideas. What is yours like? - is it relaxing and elegant? Well there are simple things you can do without breaking the budget. decorating ideas silk flowers First area would be lighting - adding some designer fixtures which can give the room a whole new feel. Lamps being added (or even just moved about) and letting in more natural light can also help. Changing the art that you have on display (or buying some - prints aren't expensive). Window treatments (blinds to curtains will also change the "look and feel". How about plants - natural or best artificial flowers . Think blankets, throw rugs and pillows on your couch - you don't have to buy a new couch! Now think about color - sometimes a paint job is all that is needed - research what relaxing colors will suit you. A couple of thoughts though - dark colors can make the room seem small. If you use warmer colors the room will seem more inviting and larger. Bold colors have advantages if you don't like warm colors - blues and reds will give your decor zap but not sure how relaxing. Well there are a few living room decorating ideas to be getting started with

Home Decor Trends for 2016

Some Home Decor Trends for 2016 (We Think!)

Home Decor Trends for 2016 - a) Ok here is the first of the ideas for home decor trends silk flowers centerpieces - kitchen cabinets that are two toned - keeping the upper cabinets neutral or white and the lower with deeper colors or wood tones. home decor silk flowers b) Using fabrics that are usually used outdoors indoors especially in areas that get high traffic like dining rooms and furniture in the living room. c) Appliances that are made out of colored stainless steel. Lots of appliances now out there is say black. d) Tiles that are extra large in bathrooms and kitchens - as big as 31/71 inches! e) Bidets making an impact - never been huge in the States but definitely a trend now - there are even combination bidet toilets now! f) Really deep kitchen draws for easy of storage. You can use dividers for ease of organization. They are replacing kitchen cabinets at a high rate of knots. g) Formal dining rooms will be making a come back - especially thos who entertain a lot. h) adding specialist appliances like steam ovens, healthier that microwaves, warming draws to make serving meals at the right temperature easier, kimchi refrigerators and more. i) underfloor heating for your entry way for that warm welcome home j) One of my favorites, a living room that ditches the technology and leaves a space without noise - just conversation or reading.

Cleaning Silk Flowers In Your Home

Cleaning Silk Flowers Step by Step

No matter how beautiful your artificial flowers were when you bought them giving them an occasional refresh can brighten them up - so it is useful to know the process of cleaning silk flowers. Remember that an occasional clean is nothing in comparison with real flowers - such as watering, cleaning up and fertilizing. With the processes below it might prove valuable to take apart those parts of the arrangements that can be. Cleaning them individually can make the job easier. 1) Use a feather duster to get off the worst of any dust and do it gently. To make sure the dust does not go further into the silk flower hold the arrangement and the duster at an angle and over say a sink. 2) If you happen to have one (and if not they are not expensive) use a can of compressed air. Spray away from the stem and when cleaning a petal spray on the petal where it meets the stem - gently. 3)I know it sounds weird but think about a salt bath if there is LOTS of dust - put in a grocery bag with two tablespoons of salt and shake the bag. That will remove lots of dust. cleaning silk flowers 4) if still not clean enough try these next two - you may use to use a liquid spray at this stage - try a spray 50% water 50% white vinegar. Use a clean cloth to pat dry. 5>and finally if still no luck (or can do instead of number 4) put s small amount of dish washing liquid in a sink or bowl, fill with water. Gently move around in the water - the dust and dirt should come off easily. Part dry and put out for drying. If this sounds complicated note that most of the time gently removing the dust using method 1) and or 2) will do the job fine on say artificial orchid flowers

Where to Put Your Artificial Flower Displays

Artificial Flower Displays - Lots of Places!

Artificial Flower Displays - there are several obvious places to put your artificial flower arrays. Just in case you missed some that help your house become a home - and don't need watering, artificial light or special temperatures - here is my list 1) Your kitchen. There might not be alot of space but that is ok - best artificial flowers come in all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit your footprint and color scheme. artificial flower display 2) In your hallway - often a forgotten area but where do you go when you first arrive home? Some bright colors in an accent piece. 3) At your front door. Not often thought of unless at say Xmas or Thanks Giving, potted artificial plants and more. All realistic and no watering or deadheading required. 4) Your bathroom - as we all spend a fair bit of time there - why not? Once again as space is often limited, something slim like an orchid makes sense. 5) The conservatory should you be lucky enough to have one. Temperatures that are required often preclude a large range of plants and flowers. 6) Your bedroom - fresh artificial silk flowers on a bedside table will look great. No pollen or depletion of oxygen to worry about!

Lightening Up A Room with Artificial Flowers

Lightening Up a Room With Artificial Flowers in Winter

Artificial flowers, in winter it is a good idea to lighten up a room that is starting to feel gloomy - it will help raise the mood with artificial flowers. From a decorating point of you you could paint your ceiling white or your walls light colors. That might be going a bit far at this point. white artificial flowers Other ideas are are adding a mirror - should be placed opposite a window to reflect the light - the bigger the better. It will also make the room look bigger. A bright colored rug would be another lightening idea. Adding bright colored throws and cushions to your furniture will help as well. Low level lamps and even candles enhance the feel of the room and the light level. Naturally brightly colored silk flowers or white artificial flowers - no worry about watering and of course will last the whole of winter (and the next few years!). Find some in here - artificial flowers enjoy!

Winter Decorating Tips

Some Winter Decorating Tips

Winter Decorating Tips - here we go with some winter decorating ideas 1) rearrange your furniture so it is closer to your fireplace. Add those pillows and throws for more coziness. 2) Think bright colors to brighten up the dark days. Once again throws, pillow and more. silk flowers for decorating 3) Try to increase the natural light - using big mirrors opposite windows to reflect the light works well. If you are starting to get a bit stir crazy, how about some decorating. However be very careful with painting - ventilation is super important and if the weather is nasty opening windows and doors can be tricky! Updating your walls with bright colors via say diy artwork can give a lift to a room - can also be a great family activity. Naturally I will now mention silk flowers and plants Winter Silk Flower Arrangements - they are brightly colored and green at a time when both are in short supply. You can also go for white plants for that wintry look. Cut some fresh pine branches (small!) with pine needles into vases - the smell is wonderful and by a window you now have a small forest! Anyway there are a few ideas, got and more - just post them here so we can share!

Artificial Flower Arrangements Orchids

Artificial Flower Arrangements Orchids for You

Artificial flower arrangements orchids - are they really worth the money? It's a fair question, but the answer is significantly different than ten years ago with the vast improvements in technology, craftsmanship and materials. Value depends largely on the sources you choose. artificial flower arrangements orchids Generally you will find a much higher quality in stores that specialize in silk arrangements versus a local big box department store. What you need it for determines the quality to choose and if you're looking for a few stems for the cemetery (check their policy first) you can do fine at your local discount craft store. However, if it's professionally designed artificial arrangements or bouquets for a wedding, it's going to require a different search. It all begins by looking in the right places, and weighing your budget, but other considerations begin with the environment where your flowers or plants will be placed. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, nothing is more versatile nor more beautiful than a correctly planned selection of silk botanical sprays, and artificial floral decor. Don't worry about fragility, as the silk style will handle most any weather silk orchids arrangements environment and look fabulous doing it. If you're crafty, or trust a close friend who is, you may be able to fashion your own arrangements providing you're prepared for the outcome and amount of work involved. Some have a real touch for designing and some don't, but don't add to your stress about when and if the final product is going to meet your satisfaction. silk orchid flowers If you can afford professionally customized artificial florals I wholeheartedly recommend them and there are likely pre-designed models that will work beautifully. They can be ordered and received well ahead of time. If you're familiar with some of the top brand names it would be helpful to know what the retailer uses. Some of the ones we recommend are Larksilk, Flowers Royale, Aldik, Botanical Silk, or Silk Visions which are all higher end designs. Special occasions like Mother's Day, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas may require the need to find a unique, everlasting gift and there are some gorgeous silk arrangements available. Mom will never forget and will always treasure a beautiful arrangement, providing you consider her present decor and choose carefully. You don't have to break the bank to get a nice arrangement. Just get the best for your money. If you're looking for simple or elaborate arrangements you will be surprised with the value and beauty that's available. Plan ahead, shop carefully and your efforts will pay off beautifully.

Silk Floral Arrangement with No Hassle

Silk Floral Arrangement for Home or Office

Silk floral arrangement are the flowers that look like regular flowers but without the hassle and care needed for traditional flowers. You can use these silk plants, silk trees and silk flowers for either residential decoration as well as commercial decoration. There are instances that these plants are used for scientific reasons as well. silk floral arrangement The materials used in silk flowers include materials such as rice-paper, silkworm cocoons in some countries. Most of your silk flowers however are not actually created from silk however but instead from polyester fabric. The polyester has been used as the primary source of silk flowers and plants since the 1970’s. The silk flowers are made from the protein fiber that is spun from the silk worm that creates a real lifelike resemblance of the actual flowers. The flowers used for purposes of bouquets and ceremonies will allow the flowers to be prepared well in advance and to hold shape for weeks in advance. The purpose is to also make it so that you are able to have flowers without the need of water or food since most individuals like the presence of the flowers but not have the patience for the care of the flowers. The use of silk flowers can be used for things such like creating floral wreaths and for items used in special events. Many of the silk flowers that are available on the market today can be confused for actual flowers. They are making the flowers to look so much like the real thing that at times you may not even know the difference unless you look specifically for the markers of artificial flowers. If you are searching for a specific type of silk flower or best artificial flower arrangements, many of your retailers will even create a floral arrangement that resembles what the actual flower arrangement would look like had it been created with real flowers. To make the centerpieces that much more real and to make them go the extra mile, you can take items that could be used for real flowers and create a masterpiece out of the silk flowers . artificial flowers The rose bush silk flower arrangement is one that can be used in place of real flowers. You can set the artificial rose bush on the table of your living room and as long as you clean it periodically, no one will even know that it is a fake plant. These are just some examples of artificial flowers.