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Artificial Flowers for a Centerpiece

Artificial Flowers for a Centerpiece

First a quick look at artificial flowers, these come in all sorts of man-made materials from the cheap and tacky plastics at the bargain shop that you can spot a mile off for what they are; to the latex or silk works of art that you have to stop people from damaging as they try to investigate whether these artificial flowers for a centerpiece are in fact the man-made wonder you tell them they are.

artificial flowers for a centerpiece
Artificial Flowers for a Centerpiece

Why use artificial flowers for your table centerpiece? Firstly they don’t wilt or die! Yes that’s a bit obvious, but they also don’t make a mess, they don’t drop petals or leaves (any of those are due to your disbelieving guests!) they don’t need you to remember to change the water, which of course also means there is no moldy water smell to be taken care of if you did. Basically they are everlasting and care free. Artificial flowers are also allergy free, the perfect solution to hay fever and other allergy sufferers who can’t otherwise enjoy flowers in a table centerpiece.

The artificial flowers found in the little vase on a doyley in grandma’s side table are not suitable for a table centerpiece, even after dusting! No, the artificial flowers you will need for your centerpiece table decorations are the classier version, use the best quality you can afford to do your centerpiece design justice! After all it won’t wilt and be gone in a week or so, the centerpiece design will be on show until you decide to pull it apart and make a new design. And each time you do, you can splash out and add a few more stems to your artificial flower arrangement for a bit more variety.

But now for the surprise twist – what if the artificial flowers in your centerpiece design weren’t in a vase? After all we know they don’t need any water…. a Candelabra is a wonderful design item to pair up with artificial flowers for a stunning table centerpiece idea. The process of arranging the flowers is pretty much the same as for real flowers, minus the water! Just get a piece of floral foam and attach it to the Candelabra instead of inserting it into a vase, and then start building up your design like you would do for real flowers.

For a simpler centerpiece idea it’s also a lovely look to tie a few stems into a small bouquet with silk ribbon and lie them at the base of the candelabra which is placed at the center of the table.

The beauty of using artificial flowers in your table silk flower centerpieces is that your designs aren’t limited by the need to keep the flowers hydrated, so branch out and leave the vase in the cupboard for a few of your table centerpiece ideas! Try a Candelabra instead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Creating a Artificial Flower Centerpiece