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A flower that has traditionally been a fake bouquets favorite is the phalaepnosis orchid, which is also known as the moth orchid. These stately and versatile blooms are popular in the wedding industry because of their natural cascading quality and striking grace when used in any floral arrangement or decoration.

Whether your wedding theme is centered around traditional or modern designs, these flowers are a stunning addition to any bouquet. In addition to adding elegance, these flowers’ unique versatility also ensures that every bride’s bouquet will be original and unforgettable.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Characteristics

Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their long stems and delicate blooms with large flat petals. Brides have many options when choosing a bridal bouquet style in which to integrate this flower. For instance, if your wedding is going to be a formal affair with a very traditional aesthetic, a cascading phalaenopsis bouquet with silk ribbon exudes elegance and also has the kind of dramatic effect that leaves guests speechless. They can also be interspersed with foliage, diamond accents, lace, wire and other flowers.

Create a Flower Extravaganza

These versatile orchids also blend quite beautifully with other flowers; indeed, they can surrender center stage without losing their appeal and intoxicating allure. The elegance and graceful lines of phalaepnosis orchids only make other flowers look better. When carefully arranged, these flowers can tie together a wide variety of floral elements and also complete any decorative themes.

You can also add flowers with hues that match your wedding color; or simply add your favorite flowers. No matter what color or sort the other flowers may be, including phalaenopsis orchids in your bridal bouquet infuses class and a dimension of ethereal beauty to that all-important walk down the aisle.

Choose your Favorite Phalaenopsis Orchid Color

You can also dispense with white flowers altogether and simply carry an array of phalaenopsis orchids in your favorite color. There is quite a wide spectrum from which to choose. Aside from the purple, magenta and pink mentioned previously, you can find phalaenopsis orchids in a variety of specialty colors. They also come stripped and delicately dotted for brides with a more adventurous streak.

No matter how you choose to use this versatile, long-lasting and stately flower, it will give an air of elegance and timelessness to your shining moment as a bride. Phalaenopsis orchids have a breathtaking beauty all their own – just like a bride.

Peach Cascade Bridal Bouquets

Have you ever seen a wedding without a flower? Well, as a matter of fact, flowers have become an important element in a wedding. Almost all wedding include flowers as its decorations, centerpiece or bouquets. Flowers, through their beautiful color, unique petals and scents are able to enhance the beauty of the bride whenever the bride carries them as a bouquet. There are many kinds of flowers in which each type of flowers usually offer a different atmosphere to those who carry them as a bouquet. You can easily some kinds of bouquet arrangements in which each arrangement is usually more suitable for a certain theme of a wedding. The arrangements can be in the form of cascading, hand-tied and nosegay.

Cascade bouquets usually become the choice of most brides as it offers a classic style in which the flowers are cascading downwards; there are flowing part and trail in front of the flowers. A well experienced and talented florist will be able to create a unique bouquet which is able to represent the personal style of the bride. The flowers used in this flower arrangement are various and the choice can be based on the personal style of the bride, the theme of the wedding, or the wedding dress. A florist may use one type of flowers only or combine some types of flowers in order to create a very special bouquet. A peach cascade bridal bouquet can be made from some different flowers such as roses, carnations, mum daisies, or Asiatic lilies. Foliage can also be used to add the value of the arrangement. Further, peach ribbon can also be used intertwining to make the bouquet more beautiful and unique.

Though some people might consider this flowers arrangement is the most traditional and old one, you can always try to make it modern with certain touch. You might want to use tropical flowers instead of carnations or chrysanthemum. Then, the beautiful color and unique petal shape of orchids and anthuriums might be a great choice for peach cascade bridal bouquet.

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The bridal bouquet, wedding reception table centerpieces and buffet table are not just for decorations and eating anymore. They offer a unique opportunity to include the wedding guests in the fun and festivities and make yours a unique wedding.

1. Starting with the bridal bouquet, the bride may use some of these flowers to present to her parents and the grooms parents.

2. If you decide you don’t want to keep your bridal bouquet save one flower from it before you throw it into the crowd.

3. If you do want to keep your bouquet have an extra one set aside for throwing, it does not have to be exactly the same.

4. Create one large bouquet out of several small ones tied together with a ribbon. When the time comes to toss it into the crowd of anxious women, untie the ribbon and several women will get the opportunity to take one home.

Have your DJ or MC call your guests to the buffet table using numbers or colors.

1. Assign a number to each table then when the table number is called all guests at that table will move to the buffet table.

2. Assign a number to each guest and announce a group of numbers for people to get their food. The benefit of this system is that the entire table will eat at the same time which may make your guests more comfortable.

3. Keep your numbers limited to 1 through 10 then place a number at each seat or on each place card. Guests will move to the buffet table as their number is called. This method will bring people from different tables to the buffet at the same time. However, it might not be a favorite because some guests at the table will be finishing as others are getting started with their meal.

4. Use a variety of colors from your wedding in the table cloths. Make an announcement for one or two colors at a time to move to the buffet table to get their meals.

Using one of these methods will keep your guests from standing in line for food for a long period of time. It will also ensure that all guests have a chance to get their first plate before others are going back for seconds. Of course, you will need to make sure the last tables to be called have the same choices available as the first ones.

You won’t have any problem deciding what to do with the wedding reception table centerpieces, everyone will want one. One fair way to determine who gets to take one home is to make a game of it.

1. The MC or DJ can ask questions and the first one at the table to answer correctly wins the centerpiece.

2. A popular choice of brides is to put numbers on the bottom of the centerpiece then give each guest a number. As winning numbers are announced the guest with the matching number wins the centerpiece.

3. Have one guest at each table take out a dollar bill and pass it from person to person until the music stops. The person holding the dollar when the music stops can be the winner or make the game last longer by eliminating each person left holding the dollar until there is only one player. The last one holding the dollar will return it to the owner and win the centerpiece.

4. Some brides may choose to give the centerpiece to one particular person at each table based on who has a birthday is closest to the wedding day, the oldest person or some other fun criteria.

There are many other activities that will get all of your guests up and having a good time at your wedding. Get all your guests involved with other wedding reception games and activities. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make yours a truly unique wedding, do not forget to visit Silky Flower Store.