Silk Red Roses

Silk Red Roses

When you are choosing silk red roses (or those of any other color) you should get the roses which strike you are beautiful – simply the ones that you really like. As artificial flowers last so long it really pays to buy those flowers that have a meaning for you, and you really like, so they can still bring joy down through the years when you display them.

silk red roses

Given that here is little information on the various colors of flowers and their meanings.

Artificial Red Roses

For most of us, when we think of a rose, our mind conjures up pictures of beautiful artificial red roses. Either bushes, large bouquets, or a single budding red rose perhaps bought for a loved one in a restaurant; red roses are our default. Red is love. Red silk roses can hold deep meaning whether given as a single rose or in large bursting bouquets to express deep forever love, unconditional love, or partnership and filial love, along with gratitude and congratulations.

Faux White Roses

Purity and innocence resound from the white rose. They are commonly found at weddings. White silk roses can be mixed in with “reals”, or used alone in a variety of displays for everlasting and usable memories of such a special occasion. White also represents honor and relevance when displayed for the departed. And in their own special way, white silk roses pass along the message of secrecy. Displayed in the home, white silk flower arrangements state love and cleanliness.

Silk Orange Roses

Passion, mad love, and desire are strongly expressed with orange. Also, enthusiasm and fascination for those you would like to get to know better. Orange also says “good job, I’m proud of you.” Orange silk roses extrude these feelings and more in lovely silk flower arrangements.

Pink Silk Roses

Two distinct shades of pink represent two different emotions. Give dark pink silk roses to show gratitude and appreciation; a long-lasting statement of “THANK YOU!” Light pink is more often given in situations expressing sympathy as well as admiration; love, sweetness, and gentleness are also expressed with light pink silk roses. Peach is a variation of pink and shyly represents modesty. Lovely silk flower arrangements containing different shades of pink can be given to announce any or all of these feelings.

Yellow Faux Roses

Yellow roses show great joy without romantic love. Yellow is appropriate for newlyweds and new moms. Yellow silk rose displays are also used to cheer people up, show delight and express appreciation. They can be given for accomplishments such as graduation or passing arduous exams. Yellow represents the sun; yellow silk flower arrangements bring bright, happy, and comforting feelings into the home with Silk Flower Store.

Lavender Artificial Flowers

The uniqueness of the lavender rose radiates the message of uniqueness to the one it is given to or in the space where the silk flower arrangement is displayed. Lavender silk roses can tell someone you have fallen in love with them from the get-go and (of course) remain enchanted. Deeper purple brings with it royalty and enchantment.

Choose the colors that you like, or you can choose for a specific meaning! Whatever color you select, silk roses alone or in large silk flower arrangements can carry deep messages within their petals.