Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day Flowers – Quite a while ago a Memorial Day Parade used to pass near to our house. My sisters and brother, I and some friends would get there early enough to get a seat on the curb. Then at the end of the parade, we would follow it to the cemetery. We would walk through looking at all the flowers that had been placed on the graves.

The school year comes to an end, vacations are planned and picnics are prepared.

Now it is a federal holiday that falls on the last Monday in May. After WWI, Memorial Day was extended to honor American servicewomen and men who have died in all wars.

By the early 20th century, Memorial Day became a holiday to remember and honor all deceased relatives, whether they were veterans or not. It has become a tradition for families to visit cemeteries and decorate graves by leaving flower arrangements and other mementos.

Marked as the beginning of summer vacations and picnics, it’s the perfect time to plan your own celebration. Whether you plan to have a picnic or perhaps watch the big race on television, you will want to plan your Memorial Day weekend with good food in mind.

If watching the race is on your agenda, you will want to keep plenty of finger foods close at hand. Sit bowls of chips and pretzels, dips and other snacks around areas where people will sit or stand, making it easy to reach and grab a handful. Make a snack mix with Cajun spices that have a delicious and spicy flavor burst. No one will be able to resist a plate of hot wings served with homemade blue cheese and crisp celery. An easy bean dip made with refried beans and cream cheese is sure to be a hit.

If planning a picnic, you may want to have it in one of your favorite spots. In a national park or in your own backyard, your party will be a success when serving the perfect food. Your choices may range from grilled burgers to barbecued ribs. For my Memorial Day, I like to make a homemade rub for my ribs and my blue cheese stuffed burgers are always a big hit. Open your imagination when grilling your burgers. While the fresh, grilled flavor of the traditional burger is simply delicious, adding different ingredients gives you an unlimited choice of flavors. Using such things as different cheeses, diced peppers or olives will add a new twist to your every day burger.

memorial day flowers silk flower arrangements
memorial day flowers

Perfect side dishes will add zest to your meal. Potato, macaroni and fresh green salads have been essentials for a perfect picnic for years in my family. Baked beans and other picnic foods adorned the top of the picnic table. When it comes to side dishes for your Memorial Day picnic, potato salad is a standard. There are so many potato salad recipes that you will find the perfect one for your celebration. From her bed potato salad, home-style or a Dutch potato salad made with bacon, all these will be a delicious addition to your meal.

End your meal with a bang! Everyone’s favorite, ice cream. Homemade ice cream, made in a hand-cranked freezer, was a favorite when I was growing up. Everyone would take turns turning the crank until the ice cream was ready. Then we would line up for our share and smiles lit up the faces of all. If you want to keep it simple and light, fresh fruit served with a vanilla yogurt dip is an excellent choice. Using strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries make an attractive dish and are sweet and juicy.

As stated above, to add meaning to the holiday, it’s helpful to learn about its history and customs. There are many stories surrounding Memorial Day, but a few are more popular and credible. Records state that after the Civil War, groups of women in both the North and South visited gravesides, adorning soldier’s graves with flowers. Whatever stories are true, the main focus is always the same-to honor those lost in service to our country.

Here’s a little interesting history to share with all the people in your life!

1.) Now that you are more aware of the history behind Memorial Day, share this new-found knowledge. Let’s keep the remembrance and history alive by educating others and showing respect to friends and family who have lost loved ones while serving their country.

2.) Show gratitude to those who have or are currently serving our country. The men and the women who serve or have served our country are ALL heroes in my book. They enlist not knowing if they are going to be called to war.

3.) Share with your children the story of Memorial Day. The more positive nuggets we place in our children, the greater the chance they will grow up and make a difference in this world. We are never too young or old to make a difference!

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