Vase Fillers

What exactly are vase fillers for? Basically they are used to adding color, depth and volume to the look of the vase – with or without artificial flower arrangements. Some use the fillers to anchor the silk flowers in the bowl.

So that is saying that to fill a say glass flower vase,  you need elements other than silk flowers. To get that perfect look, vase fillers are what you need. Think of the stunning colors in your faux flowers – then think about fillers colors that will complement those colors. Although we of course concentrate on artificial flowers, we understand that quite often just fillers in clear vases look great by themselves.

So if you haven’t quite decided what flowers to use or you have a space that will only for a vase, using say vase filler glass, vase filler balls or so much more will be perfect.

Think about a few more options like sea glass, crystals, river rock, gems, crushed ice, beads, water beads and lots more. Your choice is based on size, color, texture. So when you get into your decorating (or craft work) you will find lots of vase filler ideas here.