XL Beautiful Spring Mixture Cemetery Tombstone Saddle Arrangement

Cemetery Wreaths

Cemetery Wreaths The mention of a wreath usually brings to mind Christmas yet have lots of uses like as cemetery wreaths. In reality, wreaths were first used in the historical cultures of Persia. At that time, they were known as "diadems" and signified the status of nobility. These first wreaths...

Sympathy Silks Artificial Cemetery Red and White Flower Standard Vase Arrangment

Wreaths for Graves

Wreaths for Graves The ceremony of laying wreaths for graves has been in practice since the early ages of human history. Wreath laying is particularly common at military services. Both a sign of respect and an integral part of military decorum, wreath laying is a sacred practice. During Christmas time,...

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Artificial Tulips

Artificial Tulips Why artificial tulips? Are you kidding? I love silk tulips. However the realities of life run me ragged. And the thought of preparing for guests pushes me over the edge. Artificial Tulips Silk flower arrangements have simply made life easier. No last-minute rush to the flower shop on my...