Headstone Flower Saddle

Headstone Flower Saddle

Here is a big range of headstone flower saddle for the graveside. The one we suggest you have a look at is spray of Delilah and rose. No matter the size of the headstone, it will fit – not mattering if seeing the headstone flower saddle from a distance or close up.


Planning Memorial Services

When a loved one passes, it is important to have some sort of observance to remember his or her life. It allows you and other loved ones to share memories. This celebration of his or her life is a way to give those who shared in that life an opportunity to say goodbye. When planned the right way, memorial services are a unique tribute to those who are gone.

Decide on a Location

For simplicity, you should consider holding the memorial services at the funeral home being used for your loved one. Most funeral directors provide a space for friends and family to hold their own ceremonies to honor the deceased. Funeral homes often already have audio and video equipment installed for use at your disposal.

However, you do not have to be tied down by a traditional venue. More people opt for areas such as gardens, parks, or even museums to hold their observances. These areas are less institutional and more personal. No matter what venue type you choose, you should make sure that the area is big enough, appropriate in the case of inclement weather, and something your loved one would have liked.

Select Musical Accompaniment

Most people expect quiet and reserved music to be played at memorial services. Often, only one or two pieces are played, or the family may sing a hymn if the service is religious. The important thing is that all music should come out of a place of respect for your deceased loved one.

A good choice for music is a loved one’s favorite song. If your family member enjoyed jazz or even the blues, you might be able to find a local band to come perform the song. You may even consider a soloist if you think it is appropriate.

Keep Decor Simple

The traditional choice for decoration is flowers, like a grave wreath. These are distributed among family members and placed at the final interment place. You may choose to decorate the venue with other items, such as pictures of the deceased with family and friends.

No matter what decor you choose, keep it low-key. You are encouraging attendees to remember the life that they shared with your loved one. While it is a somber occasion, you want to remember all the fun and good times that they shared. Simple decorations like pictures and flowers are a perfect way to pay tribute to your loved one’s life.

Remember the Heart of Memorial Services

Picking the place, music, and decor is important, but not as important as what you, your family, and your friends do while at the observance. It is important to remember the service itself should acknowledge three very important things.

First, you all have suffered a great loss. This person, whether young or old, was taken from your life sooner than you would have wished. He or she will be missed greatly by everyone.

Second, the person who has passed was significant. The deceased had a life filled with stories and memories. It is important to share those and remember them.

Finally, your loved one touched many people and had a great social significance in the world. Every day you affect the surrounding people even if you do not realize it. Your lost loved one did the same.

Well planned memorial services offer people the chance to say goodbye and to remember all the joy shared with the loved one.

Cremation Myths

Making funeral arrangements are an important part of life. Some people choose to make their own arrangements in advance to make it easier on the family. Those who choose to prearrange a funeral are faced with a variety of options, the most important of which is cremation versus burial. For anyone who is on the fence about the idea, the following clarifications of common misconceptions may be helpful.

The Body Is Not Incinerated

Some shudder at the concept because they believe the body is set on fire. This is not the case. Flames never touch the body whatsoever. Instead, the body is placed into a chamber. The temperature in the chamber is raised to a very high level that reduces the body to bone and gases.

The Remains Are Not Ashes

What is left of the body after the process is often referred to as ashes due to their grey, ash-like appearance. Instead, the substance that is left behind is the ground up bone fragments that remain after the body has been cremated. They are processed into a fine sand-like powder, which is then placed into an urn and presented to the family.

A Casket Will Be Necessary

Whether there will be a viewing after death or not, a casket will be needed for the process. This is a requirement that must be adhered to according to federal law. Unlike traditional caskets that are used for a viewing, a wooden box or very strong cardboard box is all that is necessary to process the body. In the event there is to be a viewing before the body is processed, a traditional casket can be rented from the funeral home for a fee.

headstone flower saddle silk flower arrangements
headstone flower saddle

The Cost Is Similar to Traditional Burial

Some believe that having the body cremated is a less expensive option than a burial. There are some savings by not having a burial, such as the purchase of a plot, embalming the body if there is not a viewing, or visitation fees from the funeral home. If there is to be a direct cremation with no viewing or burial, there can be a small cost savings.

However, many people choose to have a viewing before the body is processed, which will result in these associated fees being incurred. Dealing with the remains may also result in fees. For instance, some choose to have their ashes buried in a small plot, while others choose to have them placed in a mausoleum. If these options are utilized, the cost of the funeral is not much different from a burial, look here at Silky Flower Store.

Planning a funeral is not an ideal way to spend time while still on Earth, but it can be very helpful to those left behind. It also ensures that the deceased’s wishes were carried out. Cremation is one option that some people do not consider due to not fully understanding the process. Once the process is made clear, it may be a more viable option.