Deutschmade Artificial Flower Red Poinsettia Including White Ceramic Vase

Artificial Poinsettia Flowers

Artificial Poinsettia Flowers

The artificial Poinsettia Flowers are often called the Christmas flower in the US as it is commonly displayed over that period. It is used in other countries for other purposes like in Spain is an Easter flower.

artificial poinsettia flowers

The live version first came to the USA via the USA Ambassador to Mexico Joel Roberts Poinsett (hence the plant name) and the 12th of December is National Poinsettia Day. The direct connection with Christmas comes from a Mexican story about a girl called Pepita who could not afford to buy a gift for the baby Jesus – she picked some weeds from the side of the road as that is all she could bring and when put into the nativity scene bright red flowers sprang out – a miracle. There are much longer versions than that, but that is the gist.

So what exactly are silk flowers for? Basically to liven up and dress up an area. They give an appeal and bring together the look of that area. They can do that in offices, homes, at weddings, and more. It is relatively recent that faux flowers have become super popular as the quality of the material use and manufacturing techniques have improved substantially.

For many it is their versatility for others is the huge range of shape, sizes, colors, and mixtures of varieties they come in. And yet again for others, it is the tiny amount of maintenance needed (no watering, no clearing up petals) just a little dusting every six months or so.

When choosing silk flowers it pays to think about color first – i.e. how they are going to fit in with the colors present in the area the flowers will go into. Then decide whether to buy made up arrangements or in stems or single blooms and make up yourself. Next would be to work from the vase you intend to use – say long and slim will need different sorts of faux flowers than a wide and low one.

Finally there is naturally a connection between quality and cost – the higher the quality there is likely to be a higher cost. The better the quality the longer the faux flowers will last so if you are thinking cost per use or cost per months of use – likely to be a bargain.

So back to the faux Poinsettia, there is a good range here and we are very confident you will find something you want.