artificial white babys breath

Fake Babys Breath

Fake Babys Breath | Artificial Babys Breath

You will almost certainly know this flower as artificial flowers arrangements fake babys breath, but some know as also by the name gypsohila.

The live flower is part of the carnation family plus is native from the Pacific Islands, Africa, Eurasia and even Australia. You will see them here in arrangements but also are beautiful in bouquets.

fake babys breath

They are a very classy flower – and can be a soothing influence in any home. Many people mix fake babies’ breath with other flowers but of course, they are perfectly charming by themselves to say a bunch.

Many people think they only come in white – but we supply in for example blue, gold, pink, red and also yellow. Artificial flowers are easy to transport, do not need watering, and last and last!

Note our great prices, fast delivery, and high quality. Having said that the size of the range is very hard to beat.