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Artificial Orchids That Look Real

Artificial Orchids That Look Real

Artificial orchids that look real are a real pleasure to have about the house. There once was a time when the only type of artificial orchid flowers were horrible plastic ones! Nowadays, it is often so difficult to work out which flowers are real and which are faux that you have to get close enough to touch them.

artificial orchids that look real

With that level of realism, silk flowers are now a multi-billion dollar industry and being used more and more. There are a huge number (about twenty-five thousand last time I looked) of live orchid varieties out there and there are quite a few silk flower orchids to be found as well – not 25,000 though! The most common ones you will find are Slipper Orchids, Vanda Orchids, and moth orchids.

The Moth Orchid is also often called a Phalaenopsis orchid and are very graceful and are often used as an accent in an interior or to say a centerpiece.

The Slipper Orchids are popular (among many reasons) is the live version takes six to eight years to bloom – no waiting with faux orchids. By the way, they are sometimes called Lady Slipper Orchids.

If you want a silk flower with really strong colors and perhaps a little showy, Vanda Orchids could well be what you need. Once again not easy to grow in the live version to yeah for the silk versions.

As you would expect the silk orchids are exactly modeled on the fresh ones. But have you thought about how to store your silk flowers when not in use?

Storing Silk Flowers

Arranging flowers is a great hubby and faux flowers lend themselves beautifully for arranging. Naturally, you will not be using all your fake flowers at the same time – so how to store them? The big thing is to avoid any fading of the flowers and the flowers being bent out of shape – i.e. ruined.

Firstly they need to be stored in a dark place like a cupboard that gets no direct light. Not doing that will take years of the life of the faux flowers. With stems, you can use PVC pipes of various heights and put the stems in their standing up. With other types of silk flowers, my favorite is to use a wire multilayered stand (as seen in the video below) – the whole idea is to have the flowers stored upright, so there is no crushing AND it is easy to see what silk flowers you have available.

There are indeed lots of other things you can use but if you remember the basics of a) store in the dark b) store upright to avoid crushing you will have flowers that will last season after season.
Storing Silk Flowers