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Silk Lotus Flowers

Silk Lotus Flowers

Bring a flexibility and depth to your office or home interiors using silk lotus flowers. They come in the ever popular floating version but for silk flower arrangements faux lotus sprays are great. Naturally they require little of no upkeep, and they bring stunning colors and energy to wherever you place them.

silk lotus flowers

They are super stylish that come in quite a range of lovely colors and should you have an area that is dull or boring they are just the silk flower for you. They will bring a real sense of style with their highly realistic looks – if you want to have the biggest impart on your decor for an economical price.

The live version of this flower (if you are interested) is technically called a Nelumbo nucifera (is in the family Nelumbonaceae) and is generally know by quite a few names such as sacred lotus, Egyptian Bean, or Indian Lotus. Many of course just know it as a Lotus. It originated in a very wide range, from parts of India, Parts of IndoChina, East Asia and parts of Russia.

Faux silk Flowers are a great way to simply and easily enhance your home or offices decor with their wonderful range of colors styles and varieties. Here are a few starter ideas you may be able to use – the reception area, how about some long stem flowers in a long vase. Tall faux calla lily or sunflowers would look great.

If you should have a long table in your dining room get together a bunch of different silk flowers like say Gerberas, roses and tulips – have the flower heads at uneven heights, arrange in the middle of the table. You can use in the kitchen say in a wall vase. Obviously small silk flowers like artificial Freesia Stems would be ideal.

Have a graceful table? Well try a vase with lots of color, put in say roses, tulips or the like – the trick however is the flowers should be two to three shades darker than the vase.

On a side table go with a low vase and put lots of say silk Cosmos flowers. Anyway there are lots and lots more ideas to use the likes of silk lotus flowers to decorate your home.