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Silk Hydrangea

Silk Hydrangea In Interior Design

Should you use silk flowers like silk hydrangea as part of your interior design scheme? These days, many designers say ‘yes’; the image of fake plants and flowers has changed and, as is often the case, the name has changed with it. We no longer shop for mere silk flowers, these days we look for permanent botanical. Costs vary considerably. Should you buy only the best, or will inexpensive artificial flowers be good enough? A mistake could ruin the look of your carefully co-ordinated interior.

Decorators are becoming more and more aware of the power of ‘permanent botanical’ when it comes to creating just the right environment for their clients. These modern silk flowers and plants are artificial in the best way; they don’t drop leaves or flowers, they don’t leave pollen or watermarks on furniture, and they don’t attract insects or cause allergies. Unlike real plants, the silk variety don’t poison pets, require maintenance or die from lack of light, but they do come in a huge variety of colors, textures and sizes, ready to decorate just about anything.

So given that silk flowers are ideal for your interior, which ones should you use, and where?

Exotic orchids have become very popular, but while these look great in pots, with artificial roots and leaves, they don’t have the ‘freshly picked’ look. For this, the most versatile plant is the silk hydrangea. Easy to find in a huge range of colors, artificial hydrangeas are perfect for numerous decorative styles.

  1. For a cottage look, go with pale to medium pink hydrangeas, or a mixture of pink and blue. Huge mop heads have the best effect, but if your room is small, go for the slightly more expensive lace caps. The truly realistic varieties are usually labeled ‘real touch’ or ‘hand wrapped’. The price may appear puzzling but can depend on the length of the stem, so if you plan to use them in a short vase, you don’t need the most expensive kind.
  2. For a beach house or nautical decor, you can’t do better than blue silk hydrangeas, or a combination of blue mop heads with white lace-caps, to give the effect of sea and spray. Team both with artificial thistles for a slightly wild look, add them to a glass vase, and fill the base with small shells.
  3. For today’s ‘shabby chic’ interiors choose almost any silk hydrangea, but go for quantity. If the arrangement is on a high shelf you can economize by buying silk flowers described as ‘bushes’; where many flowers are wired into a single stem. Choose those with the most color variation as these will look most realistic.
  4. For a sophisticated dining room, choose huge white hydrangeas and mix them with their foliage in a footed bowl or urn. Since these will be quite close to your guests this is the place for the best faux hydrangeas you can afford. If you’d prefer a multi-floral arrangement you’ll find many available; you can economize by choosing a mixed flower ‘bouquet’. The stems may be taped or wired together, but you can easily take them apart and bend the stems as you need, or wire two or more together for a more spectacular display.
  5. For a traditional style interior, choose silk hydrangeas that have been made to mimic the dried variety. These come in wonderful antique shades such as green and chocolate brown, ideal for Fall in any interior.

Faux Hydrangeas are not exotic flowers; they’re not rare in any way, but they do have something other plants like orchids lack. They have charm, and charm is what you need to turn a house into a home.
How to make a Silk Hydrangea Centerpiece