Silk Flowers Zodiac Signs

Silk Flowers Zodiac Signs

Silk Flowers Zodiac Signs

Silk Flowers Zodiac Signs – giving your loved ones birth flowers on their birthdays is a tradition followed in many places around the world since time immemorial. It is one of the most admired ways of telling someone you care and you love. If you send an artificial flower bouquet to the special one on his or her birthday, he or she is going to feel even more special. Moreover, if the flowers are selected in accordance to the month of their birth and to their personality, they are going to make a better gift. Thus, we have brought to you few tips on selecting the birth flowers for your loved ones.

Silk Flowers Zodiac Signs
Silk Flowers Zodiac Signs

January – For all those born in the month of January the flower is Carnation as it reflects the reserved, fascinating and patient Capricornians. You could as well gift your near and dear ones faux African violets or snowdrops.

February – Those born in February are the water carrier – they are individualistic, spiritualistic and thus love Violets, Primroses and Iris. The artificial silk flowers of this type reflect loyalty and wisdom.

March – Daffodils are the birth flower for those born in March. In variety of colours like bright yellow, white and so forth the flowers resemble compassion and generosity of the Pisceans. Further, also because March brings spring along with it, the Daffodils are a classical symbol of re-birth and rejuvenation.

April – The month is represented by Daisies and Sweet Peas that further reflect purity and youthful feel of the Aries people. Quite similar to sunflowers, they look like the shining sun and bring along with them the vibrant energy of the zodiac sign.

May – People who are born in May are known for appreciating beauty and are romantic by nature and thus what else but Lily could be associated to their personality. Lily is a wonderful flower admired for its purity and so bode well for Taurians.

June – Now for June the flower is Rose – the epitome of love. You should then gift all the Gemini people artificial flower rose bouquet that will reflect the spirit of the Zodiac: friendship and love.

July – For all your friends born in the month of July you can opt for Larkspur or Water Lily artificial silk flowers. The blooms represent large-heartedness and laughter that the Cancerians are like.

August – The month is for Leos who are known as the king of the jungles and thereby their flower is the silk Gladiolus. The lovely flowers are named after the sword of the Gladiator and reflect the honor of the sun sign Leo.

September – This month’s flower is Aster – the word is originated from a Greek word that means star. Aster basically signifies sincerity and love and affection and thus is well suited to the Virgos who are known for their modesty and reliability.

October – Marigold artificial silk flowers are the birth flowers for the people who are born in October. They reflect grace, affection, romance and peace that are the characteristics of Librans.

November – For November born people the birth flowers are Chrysanthemums that represent cheerfulness, sensuousness and passion. And, Scorpions are known for all these traits only.

December – Since Sagittarians are admired for their fierce energy, intellectuality and good humour, the birth flowers for them are Poinsettias, Narcissus and Hollies. Narcissus represents self esteem whilst the Holly is known for staying sweet all the time.

Thus, based on their significant meaning and relevance to the particular month of the year the artificial silk flowers can be selected in accordance to make a lifelong promise of love and care.

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