• 24K Gold Plated Crystal Studded 10 Piece Rose Bouquet Stand by Matashi

    EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: Like tiny jewels, the pretty and delicate flowers stand proud and tall, displaying their beauty for all to see. Flowers are a universal symbol of love, affection, and everlasting devotion, and represent rebirth and renewal..; Crafted with quality materials like 24K Gold and studded with precision cut Matashi crystals.
    DIMENSIONS: 7.5 L x 7.5 W x 23 H inches. The size ensures it is the perfect size for any interior design motif, home decor or collection! Spruce up your desk or place in the perfect spot in your home.
    ELEGANT PACKAGING: Comes within a luxury gift ready box. Write a personal message on the provided gift card and be assured of your product authenticity with the included official Matashi individually serialized warranty card.

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  • Silk Decor 31-Inch Phalaenopsis Plant, White/Green

    Ceramic container
    White orchid

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  • Nearly Natural 1220-PK Rose/Delphinium and Lilac Silk Flower Arrangement, Pink

    A literal burst of sunshine
    Bring the springtime home anytime
    The perfect finishing touch for any room

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  • Nearly Natural 1316-PK Giant Cherry Blossom Arrangement, Pink

    Stands 38″ tall
    Gorgeous full blooming cherry blossoms
    Liquid Illusion faux water

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  • Nearly Natural 6698 Giant Sea Grape Leaf with Cylinder Decorative Silk Plant, Green

    Colorful, beautiful and unusual all in one
    Vivid but muted earth tones
    An appealing accent piece for any space

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  • Delphinium Silk Flower Arrangement

    Countless stems rising in life
    Whimiscal colors in complementeing earth tones
    Thin vase displays long, lean flower stems

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  • Nearly Natural Giant Cherry Blossom Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 6 diam. x 20.5H in. (vase)
    Choose from available colors
    38 in. cherry blossoms

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  • Nearly Natural Mixed Floral Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 11W x 6.75D x 5H in. (vase)
    17 in. mixed floral arrangement
    Vase included

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  • Jane Seymour Phalaenopsis Orchid 27 in. Silk Flower Arrangement

    Overall Dimensions: 18L x 18W x 27H in.
    3 towering faux orchids
    Silk blossoms in a beautiful purple

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  • Snowskite romantic shiny luxury covered diamond wedding bouquet brooches flower pearl custom bride holding bouquets

    Material: Rhinestone brooch, crystal, satin ribbon
    Diameter: 7.87 inches(20cm);Height: 10.6 inches(27cm)
    It can be used as the bride bouquet or the flower decorations in wedding

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  • Nearly Natural 1201-GR Large Phalaenopsis Silk Flower Arrangement, Green

    A distinctive presence in any room
    An abundance of cheerful blooms
    Will put a smile on the most serious of faces

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  • Nearly Natural 1258 Mixed Floral with White Wash Planter Silk Flower Arrangement, Assorted

    The ideal centerpiece to compliment your table
    An excellent mix of textures, blooms and leaves
    No watering or maintenance needed

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  • Nearly Natural 1260 Large Hydrangea with Vase Silk Flower Arrangement, White

    Billowy blooms like a fluff of cotton
    Will make a statement in any room setting
    Best of all, no watering needed

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  • Large Phalaenopsis Silk Flower Arrangement

    Blooms reach softly into a star shape
    Delicate stems emerge from deep green leaves
    Available in a variety of colors

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  • Nearly Natural Large Cymbidium Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 4.5 diam. x 7H in. (vase)
    Choose from available colors
    34 in. orchids

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  • Nearly Natural 1327 Hydrangea, Cherry Blossom and Rose Arrangement, Red

    29″ high & 15.5″ wide
    Fluffy hydrangea blooms stately rose blooms and pretty cherry blossoms
    Liquid Illusion faux water

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  • GreenFloralCrafts Bamboo Cylinder Floor Vase & Birch Branches, 36″, Cocoa Brown

    Cylinder floor vase offered in 2 sizes: 36″H x 11″ diameter, 7″ top opening OR 47″H x 13 dia., 7.5″ top opening. Includes hand selected natural branches to compliment the vase.
    Beautifully handcrafted from natural bamboo cut into strips, and only the soft center, the heart bamboo is used to make the vase. Choice of colors are Natural bamboo (no color stain) or stained finishes of mahogany red, brown, or dark blue where the natural bamboo strips underneath color stain can be seen.
    Available in stained finishes of Mahogany Red and Cocoa Brown; or Lacquered colors of White, Black, Ruby Red, and Blue

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  • Teters Floral Products HSP0117CRCOM Mixed Calla Lily Orchid Headstone Spray, 36″

    Assembled in the USA
    Weather-resistant materials
    Premium arrangement

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  • Nearly Natural Liquid Illusion Gerber and Ranunculus Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 6.5 diam. x 10.5H in. (vase)
    24 in. Gerber and ranunculus arrangement
    Vase included

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  • Nearly Natural 6703 Vining Pothos with Vase Decorative Silk Plant, Green

    Rich multi-hued heart shaped leaves
    Will bring years of hassle free beauty
    Makes a nice addition to any home or office

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  • Calla Lilly with Cylinder Silk Flower Arrangement

    Gaping blooms open to permeate room with tranquility
    Fresh looking stems displayed in lean glass vase
    Available in a variety of colors

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  • Nearly Natural 1347 Red Calla Lily with Large Cylinder Vase

    27″ High & 19″ Wide
    Beautiful Calla Lily Blooms
    Liquid Illusion faux water

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  • Nearly Natural Calla Lily and Areca Palm Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 6 diam. x 10H in. (vase)
    Choose from available colors
    27 in. lilies

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  • Nearly Natural 2009-YL-12 Dancing Lady (Set of 12) Yellow

    Delicate blooms of sunny petals
    An orchid enthusiasts dream
    Exotic flower with timeless beauty

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  • Nearly Natural Red Geranium Hanging Silk Plant

    Dimensions: 10 diam. x 6.5H in. (pot)
    28 in. geranium
    Hanging basket included

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  • House of Silk Flowers Artificial Philo Ledge Plant

    Lush artificial Philo greenery
    Designer metal planter (16″ x 6″ x 5 1/2″ tall)
    33″wide x 24″high (including trailers) x 15″deep

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  • House of Silk Flowers Artificial English Ivy Ledge Plant

    Lush artificial English Ivy greenery
    Designer metal planter (16″ x 6″ x 5 1/2″ tall)
    33″wide x 19″high x 15″deep

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  • Nearly Natural 1070-YL Triple Dancing Lady Silk Flower Arrangement, Yellow

    Filled with three stems bursting with blooms
    Base is filled with a rich mix of foliage
    Beautifully stylish ceramic pot

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  • 30″ Peony/Hydrangea/Dahlia Wreath

    These peony wreath match with any versatile window curtain panels are perfect for any room and decor
    The large peony wreath is richly detailed, lovely to look at and you will be proud to display the design on your decor or wall or wherever you need a luxurious burst of spring and summer colors.
    These peony wreath match with any versatile window curtain panels are perfect for any room and decor.

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  • Nearly Natural Cherry Blossoms Silk Flower

    Dimensions: 6 diam. x 10H in. (vase)
    Choose from available colors
    30 in. cherry blossoms

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  • Nearly Natural 1299YL Galla Calla Lily with Vase Arrangement,Yellow

    Stands 26″ high
    Decorative glass vase
    Liquid Illusion Faux Water

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  • Nearly Natural 6644 Forsythia and Mixed Greens Decorative Silk Plant, Green

    Delicate flowers dance among lush green leaves
    A botanical masterpiece
    The perfect first sign of spring

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