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Silk Flower Bouquets, Boutonnieres & Corsages

Silk Flower Bouquets, Boutonnieres & Corsages

Silk Flower Bouquets – If you are going to use silk flower bouquets for a faux wedding bouquet or as a centerpiece at say a reception, using silk roses, tulips, peony, hydrangeas or others will give a real lift to wherever used.

silk flower bouquets

So if you are looking for top quality faux wedding flowers that are easy to use, don´t make anyone sneeze and you can keep for a very long time. These fake bouquets will also light up any dull area in your home or office.

Thinking about getting a silk corsage or boutonniere for that smart dress or suit – heaps of colors of both of those those – perfect for those special moments. If you are going for an elegant look for a formal do – we are pretty well guaranteed to have something here for you.

Looking for a fun as well as polished look, well have a look at the range here.

What is a corsage? – well it is simply a small bouquet of silk flowers (in this case) that a woman wears around here wrist of attached to her wrist. Not just worn at weddings, but also at proms and homecomings. The tradition goes back along way – in fact to the times of Ancient of Greece.

So now what is a boutonniere? Well this one is for the boys – usually a single bud or slower that is worn on a jackets lapel. Men used to wear them often but now only on special occasions such as weddings, homecomings and proms. The silk flower attaches to the tuxedo or jacket via the buttonhole in their left hand lapel. Alternatively they can be pinned to the lapel.

Ideal Wedding Bouquets

The flowers are one of the key decorations at any wedding. The bouquets carried by the bride and her bridesmaids will add a beautiful detail to their wedding attire as they process down the aisle, and deserve to be as perfect as possible. A fantastic way to take a bouquet from pretty to marvelous is to decorate it with a pretty handle wrap. These are some elegant wedding bouquet wraps which you can even do yourself.

It may sound intimidating to do your own bouquet wraps and handle decorations, but it is not as tricky as it looks. I recently saw a Martha Stewart wedding special, and she showed step by step how to totally transform the flower stems of a bouquet with just some ribbon and a few pins. As I watched, I realized that many bouquet wraps can be very beautiful without being particularly hard to create. This is a perfect task for the diy bride. With a little advance practice, covering your own wedding bouquet handles can be a fun and easy undertaking.

A great tip when doing wedding bouquet wraps is that the trim should complement both the style of the flowers and the other accessories, such as the bridesmaid jewelry. If your bridesmaids were wearing pearl bridesmaid jewelry, for instance, a gorgeous bouquet wrap would be a piece of pearl beaded taffeta. This is a lovely fabric which comes pre-beaded, so that all you have to do is attach it to the stems of the flowers. Cut a small piece and use pins to secure the edge to the stems. Then tightly wrap the fabric around the stems until they are covered and fold the cut edge of the fabric under for neatness. A row of pearl tipped pins can be pushed through the folded edge of the material to complete the wrap, and as an extra decorative touch – perfect!

Ribbon is one of the most popular bouquet wraps, and it can be used in a variety of styles. If you are looking for a way to finish off your wedding flowers which is both luxurious and ridiculously easy, get a length of a very wide double faced satin ribbon; 3 or 4 inches wide is usually about right, depending how long you are planning to leave the stems of the blossoms. First, wrap floral tape around the stems to secure them in place. Then take your luxe ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the stems. It can either be pinned in place to create a tailored cuff using decorative pins, or tied into a bow with long cascading tails. Once the whole thing is assembled, be sure to give the ends of the stems a fresh cut with a sharp knife. Some people prefer the look of a diagonal cut, while others like the simplicity of a straight cut.

Another adorable idea for a bouquet wrap which you can do yourself is to take a piece of lightweight lace and neatly wrap it around the stems of the flowers. If you have an heirloom, such as your grandmother’s vintage lace hankie, it can also be a great idea for the bride’s something old. Once the lace is secured with pearl tipped pins, feel free to leave it as is or to add another accent. A small sparkly crystal brooch looks fabulous pinned to the bouquet wrap.

Many other materials can be used for diy wedding bouquet wraps. Raffia looks great for a rustic wedding, or choose a velvet ribbon for a winter ceremony. If you are unsure about where to begin, take a look at the bridal flowers in wedding magazines for inspiration. In many cases, the wraps themselves are surprisingly straightforward; it is the luxurious quality of the ribbons and accents which makes them look so impressive. Making your own bouquet wraps can be one of the most fun diy projects of your entire wedding.