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Silk Flower Bouquets at a Wedding

Silk Flower Bouquets at a Wedding

There once was a time when the only flowers you saw at a wedding was live flowers now a very large and growing percentage you will see silk flower bouquets at a wedding. Should you be looking for large and complex artificial flower arrangements such as bridal bouquets silk flowers are great.

silk flower bouquets at a wedding

The type of bouquet you see must often these days is the composite design type which has been around since the early 19 hundreds. At the very beginning was designed to be used by those brides who had a small budget even though the design is quite intricate. In those days they used petals that they wired together – that way they were putting together one big flower.

Naturally petals are pretty delicate so using faux petals makes a lot of sense as they are tougher and do not mind being wired together and will look beautiful. All sorts of accents can be used such as ribbons (organza or satin).

Using the Biedermeier bouquet design is very fashionable and seen at many weddings. With this design you will see lots of silk flowers in a wide variety of colors and types of flowers. How it is usually put together by taking fake flowers of one color and wire them in a tight heart or circle. Then the maker will add another color onto that core that has just been made. Carry on as you are happy. This design is often used in casual weddings or those held in summer.

Ever heard of a fan bouquet? It is one more artificial wedding bouquet that is engaging and beautiful and has become popular relatively recently. It has the advantage of being different and often used in a vintage or Asian theme. Furthermore, it is graceful and romantic and is made up from a plastic, wood or bamboo base. It is covered with a fabric (usually lacy) and then artificial flowers are added. If you are thinking of putting together this one yourself maybe avoid unless you are really skilled.

The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

All the little details are accounted for, the cake, the favors, the shoes, the bridesmaid dresses, the cars, the invitations, the cars… and the list goes on and on….its exhausting (they told me this would be fun, I hear you cry!)

I will try and take a little of that stress away from you by giving you (free of charge I may add) a little of my knowledge when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers (erm THAT won’t take long then, ahem!)

After spending your precious funds on that perfect dress, you need to think hard about the ultimate accessory. Your bridal bouquet. Many people spend hundreds of pounds on stunning shoes, which are not even seen for most of the time as they are under the dress. They do not show in the wedding photographs, unlike your wedding bouquet.

The perfect bouquet will accessorise your dress and you will receive so many compliments throughout the day.

So where do you start if you have no idea!?

I normally suggest starting with bridal magazines or the internet. There are so many images of wedding bouquets online, it’s a great resource. Print them out and even make a mood board type affair with pictures of flowers, colors and shapes of bouquets(you can even make a second one of things you DON’T like).

Your favorite color or the color of your bridesmaids outfits normally play a big part in constructing ideas.

As most (but not all) flowers are available all year round, there are not the seasonal restrictions that there used to be. Please bear in mind before you get carried away that certain flowers carry a premium at certain times of the year, for example ANYTHING red, white and pink around Valentine’s Day will be very expensive ( it seemed SO romantic at the time, didn’t it!) And contrary to popular belief, the increased cost is due to the growers and the flower auctions(supply and demand you see!) and not your poor florist!

So, you know your color scheme, the next step is choosing the shape. Hand tied posy or trailing teardrop?

Formal bouquets gave way a few years ago to the hand tied posy but the trend (as all trends do) is coming back around to the formal bouquet once more. Don’t think you have to plump for the ‘Princess Diana’ floor length, four foot wide bouquet(your back probably couldn’t stand the weight anyway!) The length of the bouquet can be nothing more than a trailing posy through to the fore mentioned larger size. The work involved in producing a traditional bouquet does reflect in the price, but the finished product is worth it.

Don’t let me sway you in favor of the traditional bouquet though, as the hand tied posy has its pro’s.

Due to the compact shape, they are usually more durable. Also, at the end of the day you can trim the bottoms of the stems, place in water and your bouquet will last you a good week or so (very frugal!)

When you find a florist you trust (very important!) they are your best friend (oh yes!) They will help you choose compatible flowers as they have tons of experience in putting blooms together. They will help you work with your budget (if you have one!) and make the experience enjoyable.

The only problem will be not to get carried away and decorate everything in sight!

Ideas for Making up Bridal Bouquets Yourself

There are many other types of bouquets which you can review about here. These days you certainly do not need to reduce your expectations of flower quality to buy using silk flowers for your bouquet.