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Silk Flower Arrangements Ideas

Silk Flower Arrangements Ideas – Artificial Flower Arrangements

Silk flower arrangements ideas – beautify your living space, mood or setting. They are long lasting, non-allergenic, do not need watering and can brighten your or someone elses day! Accent your home for your table, sideboard and more.

silk flower arrangements ideas

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We have a great selection of silk flowers that will make a big statement wherever you put them – many styles and colors to give that living touch. ´

We stock silk roses, silk peonies, silk Poinsettia, lilies, sunflowers and a range of others and assortments. Please note you might find something here – have a look at our silk wedding bouquets.

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How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Using silk blooms for your wedding is one concept you’ll be glad that you simply went with. Thought of as a social gaffe within the past, silk blooms are now becoming the selection of the many brides not just those worried about cost. Many brides are choosing to use silk blooms in their weddings because it cuts back on the strain and worry before the ultimate days. this is often very true if you’re doing all of your flowers yourself.

When you are thinking of silk blooms on your day, don’t consider the ratty flowers at the dollar stores with the misshapen petals or the thread coming undone. believe top quality silk blooms that really mimic the design of fresh flowers. These silk blooms are put along side the care and therefore the study of the important flower to form them look as realistic as possible. Silk wedding flowers offer you the sweetness of flowers on your day without the fuss.

Where to seek out Quality silk blooms

The DIYers already know that one among the simplest places to seek out beautiful silk blooms is at your local craft or hobby story. Because there are those that dabble in flower arranging, these stores offer a spread of flowers. Also, if you’re like me, you would like to feel and touch the flowers to truly see the standard of what you’re getting. you’ll study them to ascertain how well they will accompany your look.

Your local florist is another place where you’ll get beautiful silk wedding flowers. many of us might want arrangements finished variety of events or their personal space where they do not want the flowers to die during a few days. Because the florist has the simplest connections and therefore the expertise on flower arrangements, they’re an excellent resource find fabulous silk blooms for your day.

Last but not least is that the internet. the web has many sites that not only offer silks, but packages with them arranged also. you’ll get the flowers you would like arranged at quite reasonable price. However, always ensure you discover a reputable company that features a reputation of providing quality service. If this doesn’t assure you, buy a test bouquet to ascertain if the standard is what you’re trying to find.

The Advantages of Silk Wedding Flowers

1. they will be wiped out advance. Although real flowers are very beautiful and breathtaking, they need to be done right before the marriage so as to not wilt. If you’re a bride on a budget and taking this task on yourself, you’ll end up overwhelmed and stressed during a time that ought to be fun and relaxing. With silk arrangements, you’ll arrange them before time which may reduce the strain of the previous couple of days leading up to your wedding. On the day of your wedding, they’re going to still be even more beautiful than the day you purchased them.

2. Submerged, they appear real. one among the large trends in weddings now’s the submerged flower. what’s so good about this trend is that you simply can submerge a silk flower in water and nobody are going to be ready to tell if it’s real or not. If the flower is submerged in water, all people will see may be a beautiful arrangement. nobody will actually put their hand within the water to ascertain if the flower is real. Also, being that you simply need less flowers when doing submerged or floating centerpieces, this protects on money.

3. Allergies aren’t aggravated. You, your hubby to be, or any of your guests may have certain allergies when it involves flowers. To avoid the inevitable sneezing, runny noses, or red eyes, silk wedding flowers are an excellent thanks to have that floral beauty and happy guests. this is often also a plus if you’re having an outside wedding and are scared of attracting insects.

4. Life-lasting keepsake. The fabulous thing about using silk blooms for your wedding is that you simply can have a keepsake. you’ll bring a centerpiece home also as your bouquet and save on floral preservation costs. they will become a decoration for your home and a reminder of the beginning of your married life.

5. Great as favors. Many of your guests may fall crazy with the marriage centerpieces that you simply wear the tables. an excellent favor would be to send the centerpieces home with those flower-loving guests. Your guests get great arrangements to beautify their space also as a reminder of your day.

6. Sturdy flowers. If you’re having an outside ceremony, the flowers might not be ready to stand the warmth. What if you forget to place them in water to stay them looking fresh? Well, with silks, this is often not a drag. they do not need water and may stand any weather.

7. less costly. Now this is often always argued because quality silk blooms can cost the maximum amount as live ones. this is often true; however, if you would like a specific flower in December which will only be found in France, the value can rise. you’ll use silk blooms instead and have incredible savings. Also, when submerging flowers, because you generally use less, you’ll use silks rather than the important ones which may run cheaper. you’ll also economize with silks by finding out sales on the web and in stores.

How to boost Your Silk Wedding Flowers

If you’re using silk blooms for your day, there are some ways that you simply can spice them up to form them even more unique which provides a private touch to your day.

Scent. We love the smell of real flowers, so how can we replicate a fragrant smell with silks. Spraying the perfume of your choice on the flowers may be a good way. This way, the flowers have an exquisite smell which will add spice to your reception. Although, you would like to form sure the smell are some things which will not aggravate guests. i might suggest a true clean, light scent.

Jewels. rather than having a clear bouquet of flowers, add jewels to liven it up. you’ll get crystals glued to the petals of the flowers. This adds more pizzazz and personality to an already beautiful arrangement. Plus, you do not need to worry about damaging the flowers because they’re sturdy enough to be handled.

Feathers. Feathers can add flavor to any floral arrangement. Adding feathers to a silk bridal bouquet gives an additional flair that creates it stand out. Beautiful peacock feathers during a silk centerpiece arrangement helps add a particular level of exquisiteness.

How to look after Silk Flowers

Although one among the benefits of silk blooms is that they have little tending and care, here are a couple of tips to form sure your silk blooms for your day are in perfect condition.

o to wash silk blooms you’ll wash them or clean them by hand, but this is often not the foremost recommended way because it can become a touch messy and time consuming.

o an excellent thanks to keep silks looking their best is to use an ozone safe aerosol spray. this will keep them looking clean and fresh.

o If any of the greenery is wrinkled, you’ll iron the leaves. Just ensure the temperature is on rock bottom steam setting. Test a corner before steaming out the wrinkles.

o Many stores that carry silk blooms also carry silk flower cleaners which will keep silk blooms looking great.

Please enjoy all the flowers – we are sure you will! Shop for artificial flower arrangements on Silky Flower Store – express your creative side – faux flowers are great fun, buy now!

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Sending flowers to someone living miles away in a different continent wasn’t easy one thought, but thanks to online gift stores in just a few clicks you can order cut flowers and send them to any part of the globe. However, choosing the right blend of flowers is important, especially if they are meant to signify your thoughts. The scope of this article is to offer tips to both, the person sending flowers and to the recipient on how best the vase-life of the flowers can be enhanced.

The most sought after flowers for bouquets are Orchids, the common species of the Moth Orchid family comes in different colors, including pure white, cream, lemon, pale pink, lilac, pink and eggshell green. These colorful cut flowers are widely used for wedding bouquets, having a vase life of 7 Days they are perfect giveaways in structured designs or in an extravagant arrangement. The orchids are of tropical Asian origins. If the Orchids are lightly watered everyday the vase life can be maximized to 14 days.

If you wish to send silk flowers to signify love, the Rose is a perfect messenger. Although few species of flowers are scented, the splendor and elegance make it the first choice for romantic engagements. The flowers comes in different shades of color including green and pink, but for the passionate red is a hot favorite. Roses too have a vase life of 7 to 14 days, re-cutting the stems at an angle with a knife and a stand-up display in fresh water, away from direct sunlight makes it possible to retain its splendor and beauty.

The Tulips are as popular as Orchids, but because of their seasonal availability in October through June and December through April, you cannot get them when you desperately want to gift them to a bride. It is the most popular bridal flower available in attractive striped and bi-colors including lily and parrot. The vase-life for tulips is around 5 to 10 days, provided stems are re-cut every 1 or 2 days and the flowers are displayed in clean fresh water with added flower food.

Amongst the top ten cut flowers, Lilies of the Asiatic origin are commercially the most popular species. The Oriental Lily blossom in shades of white, pink, and crimson and have a sweet scent. The graceful flowers not only enhance the appearance of large showy bouquets, but also add ambiance to home interiors, especially pure white Lilies and deep burgundy.

The beauty of artificial Daisies is its yellow center surrounded by white petals. This flower is a symbol of purity and innocence, no wonder people send daisies if they wish to confess love. It symbolizes the feeling of love, which is pure in mind, heart and soul. The daisies are mainly used as filler flowers in bouquets, but if you have to confess or convey undying love to someone, basketful of daisies will do the trick. Other widely used flowers for bouquet arrangements include Carnation, Freesia, Iris, Peony, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum, Amaryllis and Anemone.

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