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Silk Floral Arrangements

Silk Floral Arrangements

Using silk floral arrangements in your home makes a huge difference in your home – however, not only that, but they raise spirits of those that live in the house and visitors as well. Not long ago, silk flowers were only a poor imitation of the originals, but in the last two years stunning, botanically correct silk flowers have hit the market, and it is changing the way we look at floral arrangements. Artificial flowers are not considered inferior to the live variety and can enhance the look and feel of any room.

silk floral arrangements

Among the initial 1st flowers to begin to be really truly realistic were in fact the orchid flowers. In times past the above-mentioned live flowers were often used in hats & clothes. Artificial orchids in a huge range of colors from orange, white (always popular) to yellow and more can be used to decorate rooms in quite different ways. If you are after a country house decor using orchids in the color of brown or deep rust would be great. For a modern, minimalist look, a tall floor standing orchid is ideal, while for sophisticated settings white moth orchids, in pots or vases, will always be the perfect choice.

Gain a high level of realism were hydrangeas. While gardeners are generally know about the pink, white or blue, artificial hydrangeas can be found in far more colors. A search through flower catalogs will show that these are often true to life, green and deep red hydrangea do occur in nature, most real blooms change color quite a bit as they age. Silk hydrangeas are ideal for silk florists as their large, showy blooms can create beautiful arrangements, but they can also be divided and wired to add to other flowers. They are sophisticated in white or in red – whilst blue, white & pink variations are great in a cozy cottage. Use the deepest burgundy for Christmas centerpieces and pale blue wherever you have the need for blue flowers, they’ll always look far better than other varieties of colors nature never thought of.

You will find the latest real touch artificial roses are super realistic – stunning. Botanically correct in their details many pause to touch and smell them. They are available in a wide range of colors and configurations & not like heaps of other flowers roses are fit into pretty well all situations. When they are in bloom however they are great in a cottage or country house arrangement. Perhaps closed or bud roses can go better with a formal flower arrangement.

The most versatile of silk flowers, is using a rose that is white – great by itself or as part of a centerpiece in summer or say at Christmas.

Silk floral arrangements are brilliant in the vast majority of modern houses. Require little or no maintenance (just the occasional dust) – no watering nor leaving watermarks nor having to pick up dead blossoms – they just look beautiful.