silk bouquets

Silk Bouquets

Silk Bouquets

Silk bridal bouquet

Every bride needs silk bouquets. Fortunately, there are some cheap silk bridal bouquets that are elegant and beautiful, and are the perfect match for your wedding dress. Having a beautiful bouquet is essential, because it will appear in almost every wedding photo taken, and people will remember your wedding bouquet. .. Another way to save money is to ask family or friends for help. Maybe someone in your family is a flower arranging expert. You can ask them to make wedding gifts for you and your bridesmaids. Just because you are making a cheap silk wedding bouquet does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or beauty. You may be surprised at how beautiful your bouquet becomes.

Cheap silk wedding bouquets are great because you can use them as souvenirs. They are also easy to put together. And, because they are silk, you can make them a few months before the wedding and prepare them.

It is also easy to buy cheap silk wedding bouquets. You can get them locally or online. Dont forget to buy and compare. Checking the price will help you save money, which means you can buy more flowers later or have more money to spend on other parts of the wedding.

Be sure to match your wedding color with the flowers. As much as possible. You also need to include the babys breath and ribbon. Browse bridal magazines to find ideas for the perfect bouquet. Once you clearly know what you are looking for, you will know exactly how many flowers and other items are needed to make a wedding bouquet. Shops, hobby shops and fabric shops. Check the sales brochure and ask about future sales to know when to buy. You can also ask for quantity discounts. Be sure to look at every flower you buy to make sure you dont see discoloration or other problems.

silk sunflowers bouquet
silk sunflowers bouquet

When deciding on the color, you also need to decide the type of flower you want. You can get many different flowers, such as roses, carnations and other flowers of specific colors. You may also need to decide on the flowers based on the bouquet style you choose.

Cheap silk wedding bouquets are ideal for weddings of any size and type. No matter what your color and theme are, you can make the perfect silk bridal bouquet to match your entire wedding wardrobe.

Silk Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement provides vitality, elegance and beauty to the room or individual. The flowers attract our inner existence, allowing us to cut off the greatness of the earth and bring it into the interior or wherever we choose. They speak for emotions and are the perfect gift to speak. Flowers also symbolize sacred and unspoiled beauty. No wonder bouquets are used to decorate places of worship, banquets, hotel lobbies, wedding banquets, etc. As we all know, silk flowers can imitate their original counterparts very well. In addition, they can withstand hot and cold climates relatively well. Floral designers will also find that silk flowers are easy to handle, because little attention is needed and mistakes are easy to correct. There are many arrangements for you to deal with and improve. The combination of silk flowers and fresh flowers or dried flowers will produce amazing effects and increase the atmosphere of a specific arrangement.

With silk flowers, you can use a few scissors to make quick and beautiful flower arrangements here and there. You can also make delicate and delicate silk flower arrangements by choosing silk flowers that suit your decoration and taste. In addition, with silk flowers, there is very little waste. If you have leftover pieces (leaves, flowers, etc.), you can save them for later design. There is room for error in silk flower arrangements. For example, if you cut the stems too short, dont worry. Just add a flower toothpick or wire to the end of the stem and the problem is solved.

How are silk flowers made?

The art of making rayon flowers has not changed much in history, because this craft The basic concept remains the same. However, these foundations only provide a framework for art. It is the creativity of the artist that makes silk flowers special and has led to the diversity of architecture all over the world. Knowledge about the actual flower being imitated is crucial in this art, and the best craftsmen meticulously dissect the flower and accurately recreate the flower spiral. The petals are then cut and glued or stitched to other petals that recreate the flower. The basic process of making silk flowers is listed below.

Raw material selection: The texture of silk flowers highly depends on the raw materials used to make them. Silk, silk blends, polyester fabrics (such as rayon) and cotton fibers are generally used to make silk flowers. Many online florists and silk flower wholesalers prefer cotton blend fabrics that are easy to produce and can maintain color for a long time. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, the fabric is white. According to the craft (detailed manual work or mass production), the fabric is dyed after cutting petals or thermoforming process.

Design: The real flowers are disassembled and carefully studied by well-trained craftsmen. Pay attention to the arrangement, color and structure of the petals, and make a model based on this research. These molds also contain the unique curves and textures of real flowers, which helps to reproduce the shape of silk flowers. The leaves are also made in this way. This is a slow process that determines the final result, so many hours of labor are spent in this process alone.

Cutting: Now the fabric is cut into the desired shape. For handmade flowers, use scissors and knives. This requires a lot of patience from the manufacturer, and care must be taken to ensure that there are no frayed ends on the flowers. For mass production, dyes are used. Recently, lasers have been used to cut flowers into desired shapes. This method is very fast, and its accuracy is guaranteed by the computer that controls the laser. Laser cutting also ensures that there are no mottled or frayed ends. Usually, human hands are still needed to assemble the petals into the final flower product.

Coloring: The petals and stems (made of metal wire, wrapped with plastic or cloth) are colored with available dyes. These dyes must be non-toxic and long-lasting. The highly detailed flowers are hand-dyed to the exact same color as their actual counterparts. Therefore, this method is very time-consuming to ensure faithful reproduction of true colors.

Hot pressing: The penultimate step is to heat the petals, leaves and stems in the mold created in the design step. Then press the petals into the desired shape to make them look realistic.

Assembly: Finally, skilled workers assemble and stitch or glue the petals. Then connect them to the poles with wires and/or glue. This is how silk flowers are made.

How to clean silk flowers

Silk flowers are specially purchased because they hardly Needs maintenance. They do not need the daily care of fertilizer, water, and the right amount of sunlight needed by the real kind. However, you still need to pay attention to it from time to time when the silk flower looks dull and dull with dust. There are several ways to clean dusty flowers. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and no single technique is suitable for every type or type of powder. Some of these methods are described as follows.

Drying technique: This method includes simple blow drying or feather meal to remove most of the light dust that accumulates on the silk. This method can also use a blower set to a low speed, because a uniform airflow can remove most (if not all) dust particles. Vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner is also helpful, but it is not recommended because the suction power of most vacuum cleaners can permanently deform the silk. This method is most effective around once a week. It does not work well for stagnant dust that accumulates in small cracks that cannot be easily removed by wind or dust.

Wet method: In the most basic sense, this method involves using a damp cloth to wipe off the dust on the silk flower. The fabric should be lint-free and soft, so as not to damage the silk flowers in any way. It should be applied gently along the length and width of the flower, avoiding excessive pressure. Indoor silk flowers should not be exposed to too much water because they cannot withstand too much humidity. This method does not work well for dirt that accumulates in hard-to-reach areas and usually makes the problem worse because the water on the fabric can cause dust to stick to the flowers. Therefore, this method should be used very carefully, usually after the drying technique.

Chemical treatment: Many silk flower wholesalers provide special chemical sprays, which contain some special ingredients that can dissolve silk flower powder . Silk immediately after spraying… These chemical sprays are most suitable for stubborn dust particles that are difficult to remove or clean, making silk flower arrangements look fresh and fresh. Another option is to dissolve a mild detergent in warm water and spray it on the silk flower. After a few minutes, remove as much water as possible and let the flowers dry. This method should be used with caution, because even the mildest cleaning agents can damage silk flowers if used frequently. Ammonia window cleaners can also be used in well-ventilated areas. For any of these treatments, it is recommended to test a small sample first. Therefore, we see that only by combining existing technologies and adding some safe experiments can we effectively clean silk flowers.