WRG_EVW Forest Series Natural Dried Flowers Natural Magnolia Leaves Rhododendron Dried Standard Bookmarks 12pcs (Cream Color)

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Material: natural veins Each and every size does not have the same shape Mind carefully shot
A small selection of leaves will probably be curly phenomenon, after the arrival of the book will also be caught, in the future will also be restored Leaves are artificially bleached and dyed, non-machine produced from the length of the bleach will impact the color depth
“Veins” thin and long, but accommodates the source of life … … veins is the usage of natural plant leaves to its leaves made of, made thin as onion skin leaves, in this process, The veins of the veins don’t seem to be damaged, the veins still have toughness.
King Kong veins, made of pure natural King Kong leaves. This product is thin as onion skin, strong flexibility, less residue, clear and beautiful context