vidaXL Fake Bamboo Tree Artificial Greenery Plants Beautiful Faux Plant for in-Door and Outdoor Decorationfor Home, Office, Lobby,Garden, Height 75″,Set of 2 Price: $199.64 (as of 10/05/2022 06:36 PST- Details)

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Need some green to your place of work but not the trouble of watering and caring? This set of 2 artificial bamboo plants may well be just what you are in search of!
These beautiful real and natural-taking a look bamboo plants are made of real bamboo canes which have already been firmly cemented in their pots.
Their lovely dense green foliage with a total of over 1200 textile leaves will remove darkness from your place of work corner or hallway right away!
They are able to also be used at home to bright up your room, at photo studios for a realistic backdrop, or at restaurants or hotels to mark out entrances. They come in a simple black pot which may also be placed within the ideal container to coordinate your look
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