VIAGDO Artificial Enkianthus Tree 4ft Tall 152 Hexapetalous Leaves Decorative Fake Plants for Home Decor Indoor Fake Tree Artificial Trees for Modern Home Office Floor Store Room Decor, 2Pack Price: $59.99 (as of 01/06/2022 01:13 PST- Details)

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【ABOUT THE HEIGHT】This artificial enkianthus tree is 4ft/47in/120cm from its pot bottom to the tree top when removing out from the shipping box at the same time as the leaves are in upright state. Any adjusting ways like bending its trunk and leaves will cause its height look less than 4ft/47in/120cm. Please have in mind before you purchase. Any problems regarding this artificial plant, please contact us at any time.
【Lifelike Simulation】This 4ft/47in/120cm artificial enkianthus quinqueflorus tree is carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a live enkianthus tree, looking as close to reality as imaginable. Single trunk splits into several stems, adorned with 152 hexapetalous leaves, this faux tree creates a dramatic impression of beauty, longevity and elegance. Clearly textured leaves and vivid color makes this fake tree a timeless seasonal home decor.
【Premium Quality】Featuring lush hexapetalous leaves and long slender branches, our artificial tree captures the feel and appear of a lovely enkianthus campanulatus tree. Packed with plastic bag and shipped in carton, the faux tree may come compressed. Tree Branches are inserted with soft metal wire, you’ll be able to want to “fluff out” the branches to achieve its intended appearance. It’ll instantly brighten and highlight the space.
【Easy Maintenance】Worrying about not having a green thumb? Requiring no water, no sunlight, no fertilizing or special care, this artificial tree will neither fade or die, care for its appearance and stay fresh for all year round. Just wipe it clean with a wet rag if it gets dusty. Fits in with living room, dining room, room corners, void space as well as restaurant, office, commercial area or any building lobbies.
【Great Decoration】Lifelike bark texture tree trunk and lush green leaves make the faux tree looks like a piece of artwork. The black nursery pot is poured with solid cement to prevent children or pets to knock it down. Additional dried moss in the flowerpot makes it look more realistic and beautiful. You’ll be able to put the faux tree into a decorative pot to match decoration style.
【Perfect Dimension】This tall artificial enkianthus quinqueflorus tree plant is a prefect Christmas/Thanksgiving/Housewarming/Birthday/Valentine’s Day gift for friends or family. A fabulous addition for wedding ceremony, fireplace, dinner table, parties, event decor, and so forth. You’ll be able to put it anywhere indoor. If it’s placed outdoor, direct sunlight or rain washing is forbidden.