Sympathy Silks Four_Fall

Sympathy Silks Four_Fall Price: $38.99 (as of 26/10/2020 08:17 PST- Details)


Color:Burgundy Orange
Keeping your loved one’s grave flowers looking clean & fresh can be a real commitment, however, Ruby’s Silk
Flowers look natural and stay fresh for months. Click ADD TO CART now for long-lasting effortless beauty.


Real flowers can demand a lot of time in keeping the graveside tidy, and are expensive to replace, they don’t last long and
can soon give the appearance that a memorial is uncared for here’s how these cemetery grave decorations keep looking
spectacular for longer…

UV resistant materials – last longer in the sun
Non-bleed colors – pigments won’t stain the grave stones
Easy Install Vase – means no mess, & it protects the flowers for longer
No-effort freshness – nothing for you to do but place them on the monument
Stay-In-The-Vase Device – Patentented flower holder to keep your bouquet secure
Keep fresh for 2-3 months – so you won’t need to keep replacing wilted flowers
No Messy Foam Carving – just push down into your bronz ground vase and you’re done


Yes, we have designed these cemetery flowers specifically so that they won’t look fake and have added an abundance of
lush greenery to help the flowers appear more natural. You can use them in the garden too!


Yes, in harsh conditions we expect the flowers to look good for around 2-3 months. All flowers are quality controlled to
meet our UV protection & bleed-resistant color standards.