Spring Cemetery Flowers for Headstone and Grave Decoration-Pink Green and White Rose Mix Saddle

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We are happy to present this beautiful flower arrangement with pink, white, and green roses. This bright and full arrangement is built on a saddle with adjustable legs made to grip the grave marker. Each leg has an adjustable rubber covering to prevent scratching or discoloring the marker stone. The overall length of the arrangement is roughly 24 inches and the width is roughly 12-14 inches. The floral arrangement is approximately 12-14 inches tall (once placed on the marker).

The saddle is made to fit almost any width of headstone. The legs of the saddle are very easy to bend but stiff enough to stay in place once you have fitted it to the marker. You will not be disappointed with the high quality silk flowers. The flowers are very vibrant and the greenery is full and lush. These spring flowers are beautiful and we are very pleased to present them this year. We think it will be a very popular choice for showing your loved ones that you will always remember them.

Our cemetery flowers are made to last 3-4 months in the elements.