Comic Book Flower Superhero Party Shower Wedding Paper Flower Gift Keepsake Bouquet Centerpiece

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Upcycled comic books into this unique Petal Rose handmade and attached onto 10″ recycled aluminum wire stem. These roses are approx 4″ in diameter and each is individually made so each is unique. The price reflects a single stem (1 flower). I can do specific titles if I can find the materials to upcycle. I do not buy new comics but I have partnered with a local comic book store that holds all the comics that have been damaged and cannot be re sold. Send me a message and I will do my best to find the specific title or character you would like. Please keep in mind that older comics have an aged look while newer releases have bold color. The above are made from a comic that was published in 1985 that has a vintage look. All our flowers are handmade from recycled and sustainable materials.