Paper Floral Monogram Letter made with Handmade Mulberry Paper Flowers

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This beautiful floral monogram letter is ideal over the crib in the nursery or as the couple’s initials at the head table at a wedding–so many uses ! Made from handmade mulberry paper flowers from the UK, this floral letter features an abundance of colors of your choice or a mix as pictured. Please not that every individual flower is placed thoughtfully and carefully by hand, a process that can take several hour. The mulberry flowers are unbelievably detailed and life-like making for a stunning display of blooms. Flowers include a variety of various roses, gardenias, tulips,daisies, rosebuds and more, accented by different size and color leaves and sprayed with a light coating of “shimmer mist”opal, to reflect the slightest sparkle. The letter base is made of paper mâché/cardboard and the letter sides are lined with sheer coordinated ribbon/lace trim or hand painted. So lightweight, it can be hung on a door or wall. Handmade in the U.S.A. Measures: 8″(length) x 6″ (width) x 3″ (depth) width of initial will vary according to each letter by approximately 6” width.