Pan source Feng Shui Citrine/Citrine Money Tree and Citrine Tree, Faucet Crystal Tree/Chinese Dragon Fortune Crystal Tree/Gift Tree Price: $19.99 (as of 22/10/2021 03:49 PST- Details)

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The Material of citrine tree–crystal as the leaf, gold “money bag” as the body, the wooden as the base.
The Beautiful meaning of crystal money tree–The ground is a “money bag” shape, meaning “gathering wealth”.Hundreds of thousands of fruits at the tree, meaning numerous fruit.The rotatable base is divided into upper and lower layers, and can also be rotated 360 degrees. The entire is used together!
The original design and color of artificial tree–the luck tree, pink,green,purple,yellow,gold and colorful, like love, hope, elegant,wealth and whole life.
As the prefect gift by lucky feng shui tree–give your folks or business partners a difference gift ,let them put you into the center!
Occasions of Pan source crystal trees–suitable for place of job,home place of job,conference room,living room ,and so on.