O’HARA DES FLEUR | Real Roses That Last a Year or More|Preserved Roses in a Box No Need to Water Or Deal with Wilted Petals (Purple, White Box)

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A rose is among the most beautifully elegant ways to show someone you’re thinking about them, how special they are, or how much you love them; especially when it maintains its natural fragrance and beautiful look all year long

That’s why we create O’Hara des Fleur Preserved Roses from fresh-cut flowers at the peak of flowering and preserve them The use of protected proprietary scientific methods that retain their fresh scent and gorgeous natural that allows you to display them year-round

Product Details:

✔4 Beautiful Preserved Roses Flower Diameter: 2″ to 2.5″

✔Fresh-Cut at the Peak of Flowering

✔Carefully Preserved The use of Proprietary Methods

✔Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Creation

✔Elegant Handwritten Card with Instructions

✔Eco-Friendly Gift Box: 4″ x 4″ x 4″


The carefully-prepared delicate roses meet good manufacturing practices certified by MPS (Germany), BASC (USA), and Flor Ecuador and are soon to be certified by one of the crucial world’s most respected sustainability programs

Each of our preserved roses is handcrafted in Ecuador by a master florist and require minimal care to retain their vibrant colors and delicate tenderness for up to 365 days

The delicate flower petals retain their natural look and feel even after preservation, ensuring them maintain their fresh-cut style for a long time


These beautifully-preserved roses come in white or black boxes to better match your personal style or gift-giving selection, adding even more customization to your order

Product Care :

Fresh-cut flowers can last for many months or even years by following a couple of simple tips

Do not water the roses or expose them to sunlight

Keep them in their box with the lid on the side or on the bottom

Maintain 60°F to 70°F temperatures.

Do not remove the roses from the box

♥Real Preserved Rose – Selected from only the choicest blooms, our hand-crafted flower decorations come in various colors, styles, and looks for the perfect gift.


♥Lasting Fresh Fragrance – The use of eco-friendly science our fresh rose can maintain their stunning look and soft, natural scent for a year or longer with proper care.


♥Luxury Floral Accent – Our farm fresh flowers are carefully preserved to retain their beauty making them an ideal centerpiece or decorative display to make stronger any space.


♥Maintenance-Free Blooms – There is no wish to water or add sunlight to our natural, non-toxic preserved flowers, which means you don’t wish to be a pro green thumb.


♥Elegant Gift Box – Each real rose comes in a single bouquet arrangement in a premium gift box that’s perfect for celebrating Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Marriage Proposal, Baby Showers or just because you or your special someone deserves it.