Mynse Full Assembled Hanging Wicker Basket Cone Mini Artificial Sunflowers for Indoor Decoration Price: $18.58 (as of 01/06/2022 01:13 PST- Details)

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Subject material: Silk cloth and plastic; wicker and metal. Color: Yellow.
Size: Hanging willow basket with silk sunflower height about 20″(50 cm).hanging willow basket with chain overal height about 20″ (50 cm); Basket cone size: 5.5 inches(14 cm) in diameter; 6.3″(16 cm) inches in height;
Synthetic sunflowers hanging basket appropriate occasions: can be utilized for balcony, shopping mall, administrative center, hotel, hotel, hospital, wedding and residential landscape decoration.
The luxurious hanging basket with Synthetic sunflower have anti-ultraviolet effects and can be utilized to embellish indoors or outdoors.
Package: set of hanging basket with Synthetic flowers(silk sunflower bouquet and a dangling basket cone) every order!