MAYMII 100% Handmade Preserved Never Withered Real Rose Flower With Real Fallen Petals, in Luxury Glass Dome Gift for Lover,Valentine’s Day, Birthday , Wedding – Inspired By Beauty And The Beast

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Our Rose Features:
1. Preserved fresh flower can stay for 3-5 years, not withering.
2. You’ll be able to decorate your living room, bed room, study, place of job.
3. Eternal flower is made of real flower, keeping real flowers’characters like structure, color, style by professional florists. It’s not just a flower, but also a murals.
4. The procedure: pick, dehydrate, decolorize, dry, dye. It is sort of a real flower on color, character, feel. And it may possibly have more colors and usages to dye per your likes.
cter, feel. And it may possibly have more colors and usages to dye per your likes. 5. The flower has no pollen, even supposing you’re a pollen allergy guy, You’ll be able to enjoy this rose flower.

How to deal with(NOTICE):
1. Preserved fresh flower is for indoor decoration, please don’t put it outdoor or in the sun.
2. If flower is covered with dust, please use blower(cold light wind) to blow the dust on the distance of 20cm, don’t wash it with water.
3. Flowers will absorb water and turn out to be humid in over-humid area and season. If humid and unventilated, It’ll get mildewed, ventilate and shine it, It’ll renew. If your clothing get tainted from flowers, just wash it with soap.
4. It’ll be dry on dry weather such as fall and winter, It’ll recuperate when the weather turn out to be humid. And please don’t put it near air conditioner or vent.
5. Preserved fresh flowers keep the original flavor all the way through processing, It’ll not affect your health.
6. Eternal flowers are ornaments, please don’t let your babies or kids eat.
The eternal Rose flower takes high technique and environmental chemicals to make, lasting no less than 5 years without watering and day-to-day conservation, just by keeping them clean and in an ordinary environment.
Luxury Gift Box – The rose kit packaged in a beautiful glass dome and the unfashionable design outer gift box make it a beautiful luxurious present, the outer gift box with black ribbon, it a great gift for hers
Our preserved Rose flowers are delicate from their bright colors, good characters to their petals touch. We now have many colors for you to make a choice, either one of them are beautiful so that you can send them as gifts or decorate your house and place of job.
Made by 100% Real Fresh Rose from O’Guardall
Preserved Rose flower is different from natural Fresh flowers as they’re like their name: keep fresh,Unique Gift for Whom You Loved – Symbol of perpetually love, appreciation, caring. Nice gifts for woman, mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, wife, daughter, her, girls, girlfriend, fiancee, friend, and the like

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