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Lily Garden Mini 15″ Artificial Calla Lily 10 Stem Flower Bouquets Price: $8.67$16.99 (as of 11/04/2019 12:07 PST- Details)

You will get 10 high quality Real Touch Flower, calla lily
Material:PU, washable
15″ L ,the flower head about 5″ D

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This package comes as 10 head bunches put in combination to make the 10 head bunch.
Each and every flower isn’t solid, but a slight gradient and veins. S-long tail, very graceful. Stamens is made ??of rubber, non-plastic, soft feel. Each and every detail is closer to real flowers.
As well as, there’s a wire within the stems in order that the stems are free to bend, making floral art becomes imaginable.
Either instantly placed in a vase or flower arrangement, or that modifications to grow to be the bride holding flowers, are a sensible choice.
These come boxed because the heads could also be tight so leave them in a vase and they are going to naturally open, or put them into hot water to open. As a way to be fine 🙂
You’ll get 10 top quality Real Touch Flower, calla lily
Subject matter:PU, washable
15″ L ,the flower head about 5″ D
All of the} item be safe by carton in shipping , the shipping time on the subject of 5-10 work days
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