jixi Lily Anthurium Artificial Flowers Set for Home Decoration Wedding Bouquet for Fake Flower Faux Living Room Artificial Flower

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* Can add color and natural sense to your own home,The leaves never fade and fall, they give the impression of being beautiful, vivid and lifelike.
★Benefit from the elegance and great thing about lily Anthurium without the maintenance. No watering required
★Subject matter: carefully selected glass white vase, stylish and simple. Imported PE environmental protection raw materials to revive the moist feel of the plant itself.
★Hand-dyed colors are natural, the patterns are concave and convex, the branches are stretched, the feel is natural and realistic, which is the natural color of the flowers and leaves, interpreting the way aesthetics of the design
★Artificial flower, pure and elegant, feel real, real touch.Easy to scrub and keep clean

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