Hydrangea Rose Yellow and Coral Wedding Bouquet for Bride and Bridesmaid – Fake Flowers – Artificial Flowers (Small)

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A satisfying and gentle synthetic bouquet of roses and hydrangea blossoms. This small bridal bouquet has 9 yellow and peach silk roses surrounded by a large number of hydrangea blooms. The bogus flower hydrangea is custom dyed only for us in gorgeous sunglasses of yellow and coral. This surprising fake flower wedding bouquet will blend perfectly with a broad spectrum of colours; from the lightest yellow to the deepest coral. It’ll remind you of the sunset sky. Our synthetic hydrangea is a superb alternative to finicky fresh hydrangea. The fresh version is widely known for wilting flat with out warning. No one needs withered blooms on their wedding day. Ensure that your bridal bouquet will look unbelievable for all your wedding day. Our gorgeous blooms will stay vibrant and powerful eternally! Overall Dimensions: 7 in wide x 12 in long Hydrangea Rose Yellow and Coral wedding bouquets for bride and bridesmaid Small – Silk Bridal Wedding Bouquet
Gorgeous wedding bouquets for bride and bridesmaids in sunglasses of peachy coral and golden yellows.
Small Bridal Bouquets for wedding and simple to shuttle to exotic locations or right to your backyard.
Measures 7 inches wide by 12 inches tall with an exquisite white organza bow
Even though these are fake flowers, your visitors won’t even have the ability to tell the adaptation from fresh. And our synthetic flower bouquets never wilt for your wedding day!
Beautiful wedding bouquets that make a lifelong keepsake!

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