House of Silk Flowers Artificial Agave Succulent

House of Silk Flowers Artificial Agave Succulent Price: $54.99$69.99 (as of 08/05/2019 12:13 PST- Details)

Artificial agave succulent
Non-decorative nursery pot
Small: 13″ tall x 16″ diameter

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This Synthetic agave succulent arrangement is handmade by Space of Silk Flowers. Show your sense of fashion by adding this to an empty corner in any room of your own home or so as to add somewhat life on your place of business. This accommodates a professionally-arranged Synthetic agave succulent securely “potted” in a non-decorative nursery pot (“small” is available in 4 1/2″ tall x 6″ diameter, medium and big are available in 6″ tall x 8″ diameter). The plant has been arranged to permit 360-degree viewing. The total dimensions are measured leaf tip to leaf tip, from the ground of the pot to the tallest leaf tip: Small (thirteen” tall x 16″ diameter), Medium (20″ tall x 22″ diameter), and Large (20″ tall x 24″ diameter). Measurements are approximate, and will probably be decided by your ultimate shaping of the plant upon unpacking it. No arranging is essential, handiest minor shaping, with the best way by which we package and ship our merchandise. This product is handiest beneficial for indoor use. Our distinctive patent pending design permits you to purchase one planter with a couple of trees to modify your design as your mood or the seasons changes.
Synthetic agave succulent
Non-decorative nursery pot
Small: thirteen” tall x 16″ diameter
Medium: 20″ tall x 22″ diameter
Large: 20″ tall x 24″ diameter

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