Gorgeous Living Room Home Decoration Simulation Green Plants, 5 Artificial Flowers And Leaves, Rhododendron Leaf Multi-Petal Leaf Horse Drunk Wood Duck Palm Leaf for Decoration Indoor Real Sense Plant

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【LONG FLOWERING PERIOD】: The Flowers Are Gorgeous, The Shape Is Distinctive, Dignified, And Elegant, And It Is Stored For A Long Time, And It Blooms Like Spring In All Seasons;
【LONG SERVICE LIFE】: Long Service Life, The Indoor Display Can Be Used For More Than Two Years; Simple To Care For, Distinctive Dust-Proof And Self-Cleaning Characteristics, And Can Be Washed. It Is More Practical And More Worth-Added Than Abnormal Flowers And Artificial Flowers.
【PRESERVING THE BEAUTIFUL MOMENT】:Due To The Limited Opening Of Flowers, It Can Handiest Turn into A Momentary Memory. The Emergence And Application Of Artificial Flowers Have Met Folks’s Requirements For The Timeliness Of Flower Viewing And Prolonged The Life Of Flowers.
【EASY MAINTENANCE】: The Branches And Leaves Of Decorative Flowers Are Made Of Special Materials, So Artificial Flowers And Plants Do Now not Want Special Care.
【APPLICABLE TO A WIDE RANGE OF PEOPLE】: Flower Lovers Who Are Allergic To Pollen Can Revel in It With Confidence;