FiveSeasonStuff ‘Real Touch’ Spring White Silk Anemone Artificial Flowers & Wedding Bouquet (9 Long Stems, 18.9 inches) Price: $22.99 (as of 21/12/2021 08:17 PST- Details)

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Lifelike anemone silk flowers are delicately handmade to each detail with realistic artificial real touch petals on both sides, silk leaves to exquisite gradient stems and stamens; Stems are ideal for a transparent vase. Stems are waterproof, bendable and can also be trimmed to length
Anemone’s represent having a look forward to the future and not forgetting love ones; that no matter how dark things look there’s something new around the corner waiting. Ideal for wedding, birth of a baby, stay well gift, wishing somebody good luck, funeral and memorial
Distinctive artificial flowers are handmade and hand-painted to its own unique color; as a result of being handmade, Each and every batch of flowers may have moderate color difference; height: 18.9 inches (48cm); flower head diameter 4.3 inches (11cm)
Anemone’s are convenient for flower arranging in a flower vase or for bridal bouquet artificial flowers. Each and every stem is flexible and can also be trimmed, bent to shape and shortened as the inner stem is constructed with bendable metal wire and enclosed with plastic green coating
What’s Inside; 9 lovely artificial white anemones with FiveSeasonStuff authenticity card and branded packaging; the whole lot else in photos don’t seem to be included; recommend 2 or more bouquets for better results, combine favorite colors together or in a mix bouquet