Bumble Bee Floral Spring Summer Deco Mesh Wreath

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New! Full! Premium Handmade Deco Mesh Wreath
Adorable, large bumblebee
Beautiful Spring Floral Pieces

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New, Complete Premium Hand-crafted Spring or Summer season Wreath. Product of sturdy, shimmering deco mesh, this wreath is bright, cheery and colourful. Massive, adorable, bumble bee rests on a mattress of soppy cream burlap deco mesh. Gorgeous yellow ribbons with white polka dots are positioned alongside the middle of the wreath at the side of bright yellow mesh ribbons. An adorable bumblebee bow is positioned at the wreath. Yellow and white plaid burlap mesh highlight all the external and upload a honeycomb glance. Yellow deco mesh curls are used across the outer ring so as to add amusing and fullness. Sheer floral butterfly ribbons are brought at the side of colourful spring floral Items. Adorable white satin ribbons with little bumblebees are positioned alongside the outer wreath. Best possible for Spring, Easter, Mothers Day, and all all the way through Summer season. The measurements are a big 24 inch diameter and 6 inches deep. Please see picture for measurement comparability.
New! Complete! Premium Hand-crafted Deco Mesh Wreath
Adorable, Massive bumblebee
Gorgeous Spring Floral Items
Yellow and White Windowpane Honeycomb Mesh
Premium Ribbons and adorable bow

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